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International parcel tracking skills

We always ship your parcel in 12 hours after you pay for shipping except for weekends, and you can track it online. Most shipping methods can be tracked on https://www.17track.net/en. 17TRACK is a global package tracking platform. Most shipping methods can be tracked here and it supports 15 languages. It is a very useful tracking tool.

Shipping Method
Fastest Arrival
Average Arrival
Slowest Arrival
Chinese EMS
3-4 days
4-14 days
> 20 days
4-7 days
7-15 days
> 20 days
Singapore Airmail
7-10 days
15-40 days
> 60 days
Chinese Air
10-20 days
15-40 days
> 60 days
10-20 days
30-60 days
> 90 days
3-4 days
4-7 days
> 7 days

The arrival time means working days, as some delivery branches don't work at weekends.

From the above shipping methods table we can see that sometimes the packages arrive faster than expect, but sometimes they are painful slow and make you extremely hopeless. Please don't be uptight if your parcel is delayed during international shipping. Below is our tracking expereince, and hope it can help you. Good luck to your parcel.

Important notes for international shipping

Correct address.


It is very important to input correct address when submit an order and check address again before pay for shipping. Because once parcel is sent out from us, address can't be changed anymore.

You need to undertake customs tax and process customs problems by yourself.


Please make sure you can handle local customs problems by yourself, as we can't get in touch with overseas customs, so we are not responsible for any customs problems. However, we can help to provide some documents if necessary.

Contact with local post in advance if you're not in home during the estimate delivery date.

Post Office

This is very important, because parcel may be returned if failed to be delivered for several times. Once it's returned, you need to pay shipping again for a second shipping.

EMS parcels to Germany may be held by GDSK company and charge high cost for releasing.


So it is better to use other shipping methods if ship to Germany. However, if unluckily, your parcel is held on by GDSK, you can learn more from 42agent blog to get some useful tips.

42agent help to track each parcel. If there is no tracking update for a long time we will contact with the post agent for checking. So please don't worry when you find no tracking update for several days.

EMS tracking analysis

Since most customers choose EMS to ship, so let's take EMS tracking for example. You can track Chinese EMS from here. Below is a snapshot from EMS:

EMS tracking example

Have some confusing for the tracking information, right? Let's explain for you.

What does Despatch from Sorting Center mean?

Most of time, it means "Shipping From Beijing to your location", e.g. "Shipping from Beijing to Chicago".

Why there are multiple lines of Despatch/Dispatch from Sorting Center?

Before answer this question, please check the column description, let me translate the first four lines from the above snapshot for you:

Parcel received by shipping agent
Despatch from Sorting Center
Shipping parcel to BEIJING Office
BeiJingShi xinshun...
Arrival at Sorting Center
Parcel arrived at BEIJING Office
BeiJingShi 10130048
Despatch from Sorting Center
Shipping parcel to your country

The line under the fourth line is usually your Coutry/Location information, it's normally 7-10 working days after we ship, the online information will not be updated during this period. Most of our customers email us to ask why the information is not updated or why my parcel is still at Beijing after xx days, and that's the reason.

Have a rough idea for the tracking information meaning now? Then let's go back to the question, why the tracking information repeatedly shows "Despatch/Dispatch from Sorting Center". Repeatedly showing "Despatch/Dispatch from Sorting Center" means your parcel is returned by security check. But why? The answer is simple: your parcel is filled into a big parcel (mixed with other parcels) to be checked, if one of them can not pass the security check, all of them will be returned to original post office. Another reason can be that your parcel contains sensitive items which may prohibit shipping, such as battery, powder, magnet, so it's returned by security check. Then the post office will reship usually, so it shows "Despatch/Dispatch from Sorting Center" over and over again.

If your parcel includes some unsafe items like battery, liquid or brand items without formal invoice, it maybe confiscated or destroyed by customs. So we usually don't buy such items for the sake of our customers.

Why parcels shipped on the same day via same shipping method but arrive on different days?

Um, it is hard to say. This situation is normal, we have much experience of sending 2 or 3 parcels on one day to same customer address via same shipping method, but sometimes they arrive on different days. We think there are multiple reasons, maybe they are arranged to different flights by chance, and these flight have different transits line. Or maybe one parcel is luckily released from customs faster, however the other one unlukily held on by customs for seveal days.

We have no control of the arrival time, but can only guarantee to send out packages at earliest time.

Share some EMS parcel tracking cases with you.

EMS tracking example

We love EMS but also hate it, because EMS sometimes is unbelievable fast, which can be as fast like domestic delivery. For example, the below EMS tracking snapshot shows only 4 Days to USA:

EMS fast case

However, sometimes EMS also can be very very slow. The below EMS package used 41 days to deliver, it was really painful slow.

EMS slow case

Though EMS is considered to be a very stable shipping methods among all methods, but according to the obove cases, we can see that shippping speed for EMS is sometimes unstable. In fact, not only EMS, but also other shipping methods, they all can be unstable sometimes. But don't worry, because delay only happens sometimes. In most times, the shipping methods we use are smooth and reliable.

As we are not international shipping company, so we are unable to control the parcels once handed over to transport company. But if you meet any problems about shipping delay, just feel free to contact us. We'll contact with the post company asap and keep tracking the parcel until get any update for you. Besides, from the parcels delay cases mentioned above, you can see that although the parcels were delayed for some reason, customers can always receive them in the end. If you also encounter the same problems, please be patient for waiting, as parcels will not be lost usually.

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