Insurance Policy

How to Calculate the Insurance Fee?

Insurance premium is 5% of total payment = (1st payment + 2nd payment) * 5%. For example: if your 1st payment is 200 USD, and 2nd payment is 300 USD. Then your insurance premium should be 500 USD * 5% = 25 USD.

5% of total payment

(1st payment + 2nd payment) * 5%

What is covered?

It is for PARCEL LOST only, partial lost not include.

How to Compensate?

You can choose to accept the refund straightly or let us re-purchase with refund.

Shipping Method
Apply Time
Compensation Standard
Chinese EMS
2 months
Full Payment of the Parcel
(Item Cost + Demoestic Shipping Fee +
Service Fee + International Shipping Fee)
SAL / Chinese Air
3 months
Singapore Airmail
With Logistics Information
4 months
According to Declaration
Max. 25 USD
Singapore Airmail
Without Logistics Information
1 months
Declaration + International Shipping Fee
Max. 40 USD
1 month
According to Declaration
Max. 100 USD
AttentionKind reminder
  • Package status: signed, returned, dispatching, or customs detained, it is not considered as lost. NO COMPENSATION.
  • In addition to EMS, Chinese AIR and SAL, other shipping methods are compensated based on the declared value generally. The final compensation depends on the shipping company. In any case, we will try our best to get more compensation for you.
  • The package of Singapore Airmail can be applied for compensation after 1 year(from return).
  • The right to interpret parcel compensation is retained by 42agent.

Insurance FAQ

How to solve if parcel damage when receiving?

Fragile item: we will pack carefully before shipping. If any defect when you get the parcel, we will not responsible for it. Generally, when confirming the order, we will remind our customer if the order with high value or fragile items. As the international transportation is too complicated and take long time always(especially SAL / Chinese Air / Singapore Airmail), and some couriers are very violent when handling packages, the package can not avoid damage although perfectly packaged.

Other item: we will check and confirm the problem when receiving your detailed information(photos). We will refund you if it is our mistake.

How to solve if package returned?

Domestic return: we will re-pack and re-ship the parcel once receiving it. You needn't to pay any.

Overseas return: we will re-pack and mail you 2nd payment invoice. And the pacakage will arrange shipment when confirming your payment.

Learn more about international parcel return analysis.

How to solve if some items not received?

Please refer to: solutions for items missing.

Learn more

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