Free unboxing video service

Wonderful news for ShipForMe customers, especially who buy albums from OWhat or other online platforms. Your much-awaited unboxing video service is coming, and it’s free.

This year, more and more customers are using 42agent’s ShipForMe service, but recently we have noticed a lot of dishonest sellers behaving in a way that is detrimental to our customers’ interests.

Some sellers make errors such as missing items or shipping the wrong item, but they refuse to provide returns or exchanges and force our customers to provide an unboxing video to prove their mistakes.

OWhat is a Taobao-like trading platform with a wide variety of sellers, some with good service and quality, who check their inventory and delivery notes to fix their mistake when it happens. But some sellers are not so good. They refuse to reply to messages or force customers to provide unpacking videos. Otherwise they refuse to provide any after-sales service.

So when sellers force customers to provide unboxing videos, our customers can’t do anything about it. In order to protect the rights of our clients, 42agent decides to launch a free unboxing video service.

When you need us to record an unboxing video, please indicate in the message field of your order that you need an unboxing video service. We will provide it for you for free.

Special Note for Unboxing Video Service

Before using 42agent’s unboxing video service, there are a few points to consider.

1. Please specify the need for unpacking video when placing the order, and notify us of the domestic tracking number in the order message at the first time after the seller ships the product. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide it once unpacking.

2. Due to the impact of COVID-19, our warehouse is still short of hands, so we can only provide a limited unpacking video service. We will consider whether we can provide unpacking videos based on the value and quantity of the items, as well as our workload, etc. We do not guarantee for 100% that sellers will be able to identify all your items by the video. We do not guarantee 100% that if you request an unboxing video, we will be able to provide it. If we can’t, we will tell you in advance.

3. Even if we do provide the unboxing video service, some sellers may still refuse to provide after-sales service. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance in your communication with the seller. Not only do we provide free unboxing videos, but also we do our best to assist you in any way you need.

4. We will provide you with a short video of about 1-3 minutes, and may use this video content on our own website, or on social media platforms for promotion activity. We will not disclose any customer privacy information to anyone anywhere, as we always put your privacy at first place. If you consider unboxing video to be private data, then please mention private unboxing video service. We will only send the video to your email address, and will not use it for anything else. For such private unboxing video service, we will charge a low service fee, which is 100 CNY for the first 3 minutes, and 50 CNY for each extra 3 minutes.

We are constantly improving our ShipForMe service and wish you happy shopping.

How to get unboxing video

After we record the unboxing video, we will send you an email with a link to the video address.

How to get a free unboxing video

When we finish recording the free unboxing video, we will upload the video to Youtube and Baidu Cloud Drive.

  • Youtube – You can view the video through Youtube links.
  • Baidu Cloud Drive – You can send the Baidu cloud drive download link and password to seller. Note that it is valid only for 7 days.

How to get a paid unboxing video

When we finish recording the privacy unboxing video, we will upload it to Dropbox and Baidu Cloud Drive.

  • Dropbox – You can download video via a Dropbox link.
  • Baidu Cloud Drive – You can send the download link and password to the seller. Note that the link is valid only for 7 days.

Links to unboxing videos shared on Baidu Cloud Drive

Chinese sellers can’t open Youtube and Dropbox links due to Chinese firewall, so we provide a link to download videos from It has the following format.

Link: Password: xj5z

Note: You need to send the entire text to the seller, including the link and password, and it is only valid for 7 days.

Note for ShopForMe Customers

We currently only offer unboxing videos for ShipForMe orders, so if you need short video service in your ShopForMe orders (in the same way that we take photos of products), then please follow 42agent on Facebook and vote. If we accumulate a certain amount of customer demand, we will consider offering the service of short video shooting.