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Frequently Asked Questions about 42agent.

About 42agent service and order process

Why is it even cheaper to use purchasing agent than if I buy from Taobao on my own?Top

Firstly, we provide you a large discount for international shipping, which is almost impossible to get if you buy on your own. Secondly, if you buy different items from different sellers on your own, you need to pay international shipping every time for each order. However, we could deliver all your items in one parcel, and you only need to pay one international shipping fee. This helps you save a lot of money. Thirdly, we double check your items for defects before international shipping, if return is necessary, your loss is minimized; while it's impossible for you to do so if you buy on your own.

If I find problems with my items, will you charge extra service fee if I need your help?Top

No, all help is free of charge, no extra service fee. We can help you negotiate with sellers for any problems, such as change for size, change for color, or return items and apply for refund, etc. We will try our best to help, but can not guarantee the results.

Can I use your service if I buy the items by myself and need you to ship to me?Top

Yes, you can. Under this condition, we will charge service fee according to items weight, not items cost and domestic fee. We charge 10cny for every kilogram.

Can I ask for a refund if my item is out of stock after I make the 1st payment?Top

Yes, we will refund you all fees if your item is out of stock after the1st payment, including items cost+ domestic fee+ our service fee, and will deduct the refund from shipping fee for you. If the refund is more than shipping fee, we will use refund to pay for shipping directly and refund extra to your paypal.

Can I use your service if I am a foreigner in China?Top

Yes, we provide service for foreign friends both outside and inside China. If you would have your items delivered to China, the commission fee is only 8% of (items cost + domestic delivering fee). You can choose to have the items sent to you from seller directly or have them shipped to us first, then we collect all and send to your location.

Can you help me buy virtual product?Top

Yes, We can help to buy virtual product, but there are 2 rules here.

1. We can't accept Paypal for such items. Western Union, Bank transfer, MoneyGram and WebMoney are all acceptable.

2. The service we charge is only for the confirm and purchase. We are not responsible for the install. If you need our help to install, then we can offer a limited installation service, and the additional commission is 50$/hour.

More understand for limited installation service:

As you know, there are strange errors because of all kinds of software used on a variety of software platforms, operating system, and network environment, etc. We are not sellers, so we can’t guarantee to help install successfully. The minimum commission is 50$/hour. And if the seller agrees to help install, but unluckily in the end failed, we are also not responsible. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Can I change the items list before I make the 1st payment?Top

Yes, here is the steps:

1. Goto the order list page.

2. Click the "Action" button, choose "Edit Order" option:

42agent edit online order

3. From the order page, click "Add more items" button:

42agent add more items to your order

4. Then, you will see the shopping page, and add/remove items or change the qty. and remarks ;)

I have submitted the order, but I do not know how and where to pay?Top

You have no access to the payment page at the time you submit your order. We need to check with the seller first if your desired items are available. If they are available, we will change your order status to "Pay", you can pay at that time. So please login back soon to check your order status or check your mail within 12 hours, for we will also send you an email telling you the items availability.

Why the item color I received is a little different from that on taobao shop site?Top

Some taobao sellers may use photo optimizer to make their site pictures more beautiful, lighter or darker, to draw attention from customers. Another reason is that some sellers may put authentic products pictures on their site, but they actually sell fake products, which may result in color difference or slight items difference.

About Taobao, Tmall, 1688 and other Chinese online E-commerce websites

Why do people like to buy items on Taobao?Top

"There are no items buyers can't find, there are no items sellers can't sell." This may help explain everything. Besides, items on Taobao are really cheap, much cheaper than Ebay. Taobao now has become the most popular online marketplace for Chinese as well as overseas people.

Why I was told the item is out of stock while I can see the inventory record of taobao shop?Top

For most taobao shops, their inventory records are not precise at all. They can write any records at will to attract customers. Besides, many sellers are agents of factories, who have large transaction volume every day, so these sellers do not have updated records. We confirm items not based on their inventory records, but ask them one by one, so that the potential inconvenience to you will be avoided.

Is there any product that I can't buy?Top

In fact, you can buy almost all kinds of products from Taobao or any other Chinese online store, but we reserve the right to reject some products judged "at risk", such as liquid, powder, battery, lighter or other dangerous products that prohibit international shipping. Learn more »

Do you guarantee the quality of items I buy?Top

Sorry, we are not responsible for that since we do not sell products. We are only agent assisting you to buy and deliver the items. Thanks for your understanding. We will check color and size for you when we receive the items.

Why some of my products arrive at you fast, some take really long time?Top

Kinds of reasons contribute to this. Firstly, some sellers locates near to us, some are far away. Secondly, some sellers send order soon after our payment, some may need time to prepare for delivery or need time to get stock from factory as they may do not have stock at hands but will buy from factory after our payment. Thirdly, some items are pre-order ones. Fourthly, some clothes are made to measure, so it takes time for seller to make them. Fifth, in busy seasons, parcels may be delayed during domestic transit.

About money, charges, PayPal and other payment methods

Can you tell me total cost of my order before I make first payment to you?Top

We can tell the exact first payment, but sorry, we can not tell exact total cost before we receive the items, as the international shipping fee is based on weight, so we can not calculate the precise shipping fee after we know the weight. We can only estimate the weight and shipping fee before your first payment.

Do you have a minimum order request?Top

Yes, our minimum commission fee is 30CNY.

Do you offer discount if I place big order at a time?Top

Yes, you can enjoy a discounted service fee of 7% of the item fee + domestic delivery fee if your total amount order exceeds USD2000 at a time and you paid via western union or bank transfer.

Do you have a refund policy?Top

Yes, please check Refund Policy

What methods of payment do you accept?Top

Paypal, Westunion, Moneygram, Webmoney, Bank transfer are all accepted. Please visit Methods of Payment for more information.

What currency do you accept?Top

We only accept USD and CNY(Chinese Yuan) and HKD now.

Why I can not pay with PayPal for some of my orders?Top

If you find your order with no option of paypal payment, then there must be some items in your order which contains fake items, or some items that we do not suggest you buy, such as liquid, or items violate intellectual property rights. Paypal forbids us shipping these kinds of products, so we can not accept paypal for them. Thanks for your kind understanding.

About shipment methods, insurance and customs fee

Can you combine my different orders for shipping?Top

Yes, we can combine different orders, so that you will pay only one international shipping fee.

Can you ship part of my order before all arrive at your office?Top

Yes, we are flexible at shipping arrived items of an order first and will ship the rest later to you. Our order system can support this function and make this process conveniently.

What shipping methods do you use?Top

EMS is our main shipping method because of its fast and safe advantage, and you can also enjoy a 40%-45% discount off standard EMS fee. You can also choose other shipping methods, such as airmail, Chinese air, SAL, Surface, DHL, Aramex, etc.

Is there any insurance for my package?Top

The insurance is optional. Usually, we do not provide insurance because to take insurance, the insured value should be declared, which increases the value of item at your local customs. But if you insist in taking insurance, we can help you insure the shipping. You will pay 5% of all the cost (items cost + domestic shipping fee + our service fee + international shipping fee) if you want your items insured.

Will you be responsible for the customs fee I was charged?Top

Sorry, we will not be responsible for the customs fee. However, we can help to declare the items value less to help you avoid customs fee or reduce it. Customs policy is different from country to country, and you can have a check before you place the order.

If I can't find my country in the international shipping fee list, does it mean that you can't deliver parcels to my county?Top

No, by EMS, DHL, TNT and AIL MAIL international shipping methods, we can deliver parcels to almost everywhere in the world. If your country is not in the list, please let us know and we will check the shipping fee for you immediately.

I have bought several items in different Chinese online shops, can you deliver all of them with one international shipping?Top

Yes, we can do that, and you only need to pay one international shipping fee. On the contrary, we could also deliver your items to different address per your request.

How long can I track my package after you ship it?Top

For EMS, you can track it the same day we ship it. For Singapore airmail, you can track it in about 3 days after we ship, as the parcel will be sent to Singapore first, where the information will be updated. For DHL, you can track it in 2-3days after we ship, as our shipping company will have all their DHL parcels transit from Hongkong, where information will be updated. For Chinese air, SAL, Surface, tracking information will be available in 2-3 days after we ship.

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