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42agent.com (previously known as TaobaoRing) is a Taobao agent not simply help you buy and ship, but what we pursue is to provide you surprising customer service. Everything we try, we do with full heart and soul. Every package you receive is not only a package, but full filled with our enthusiasm and patience. That’s why you can be excited to jump the moment you get it. Your satisfaction is always what we want to see. We never boast how good we are, and you do not judge by what we say, you judge by what others say.

42agent review by articles

1. 42agent review: Is 42agent a reliable and legit Taobao agent?

We are always deeply moved every time we read our customers’ review about our shopping service. Your satisfaction and support make us move forward. What we do is not only to help you buy and ship a package to you, but we want to see your smile when you open the packages from us. With our whole heart and enthusiasm in processing your orders, we try to make each of your shopping experience the same as when you first tested our service. Thanks again for the detailed review about our website, service fee, payment method, international shipping, customer support and praised words from other customers. Recent years, we have upgraded more sections, such as 42agent membership program, new payment and shipping methods. We hope to provide more efficient, more convenient, more reliable and more customer care service to all people.


2. 42agent’s gift

Shopping with 42agent is not only business, but more like friend. We sincerely and truely care about our customers. We have been preparing gifts for our customers thoughtfully recent years. On selection of gifts, we rack our brains always. Hope our gift is surprise to client who receive our gift.


3. 42agent review: Lolita BJD items

Cute and amazing product from Taobao! No matter what you buy, you will find ordering with 42agent is not only easy, but also cost saving. As always, we put our heart and soul to provide first-class shopping service. Looking forward to meeting you at 42agent!


4. How to order from Taobao using 42agent

If you find Taobao confusing and complicated, then this review will figure out ‘how to order from Taobao’ for you to order with a Taobao agent. With 42agent, you enjoy quick response and updates about your order progress, reasonable service fee, photo taking before international shipping. International shopping is so easy and fun, isn’t it?


5. Big Taobao haul & 42agent review

From this review, you can see that 42agent is really efficient in order processing, right? No matter how many items you buy, items big or small, we do good quality checking and guarantee that all items arrived at you correctly. About the trash bags that mentioned in this review, actually it’s new packing bags for shoes. It’s dark gray color and thicker than usual transparent plastic bag, so can be misunderstood as trash bag easily. But do not worry, it’s not. We just want to protect your items better. We will look for more good looking bags for small items protection. 🙂


6. How to order from Taobao: 42agent review

Impressive introduction on how to order from Taobao and how to use 42agent’s website (previously known as TaobaoRing). It’s really very helpful for people new to Taobao. You will get much information on how to search, how to place order, international shipping, Taobao payment, etc. Wish you a happy shopping with 42agent.


7. 42agent order review

Really beautiful and cute items. Clear explanation on time of whole Taobao order process. Generally, item takes 3-5 days from sellers to our warehouse. If one item is customized or pre-ordered, it will be longer. Of course, we will inform details in advance when confirming order. And we will keep tracking in time after purchase. If any problem, we email our clients so that they can make changes according to their own time. By the way, SAL is one of the best option if you are not in hurry, it takes 15-45 days for shipping on average.

8. Summer 42agent Order

No matter where you live around the world, and what you want to buy, 42agent can always be your best reliable Taobao shopping agent with reasonable fee. As you can see in this review that one of our service feature is that we take photos for your items before shipping, so you can see all before you get them. This is complete free. 🙂 We also have discount on service or offer shopping coupons from time to time. You can follow our Facebook, where we publish relevant news!


9. 42agent review: Is 42agent a cheap Taobao agent?

We sincerely appreciate for the compliment of our websites. Customers’ satisfaction is always our highest pursuit. Year by year, we try our best to keep world class service quality to guarantee that our customers will never be let down. Referring to feedback, we have dedicated page in fact. And we have updated this part recently, so that customers can directly view related messages as reference. In addition, we have various service for different clients now, such as SHIP FOR YOU. The exchange rate has been changed to 1 CNY = 0.153 USD as well. We also have membership program now to offer lower service fee to higher level members.


10. 42agent review, all the pros and cons

What do customers say about 42agent’s service? VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY patient agents, provide amazing service, cheap international shipping, proficient English, prompt email responses. Are you looking for such Taobao agent? Join us then. Though now we have canceled Surface shipping (also called sea shipping), we have added several other shipping methods besides EMS, airmail and DHL. For example, now we have eYoubao (call ePacket by some clients), Shunfeng. These shipping ways are quicker on time but cheaper, so you can always find a suitable shipping for your packages.


42agent review by videos

Some customers called us Magic Agent in their reviews or feedback. We are happy to watch these customers open their package bit by bit and share the goods they buy. It seems that most of them have “difficulty” to unpack their parcels because we really packed items tight for good protection. We are impressed that many customers introduce and recommend us in their videos. Let’s have a look how about their shopping experience with 42agent.

TaobaoRing excellent agent package no2

Taobao cosplay haul and TaobaoRing review

Lolita unboxing: TaobaoRing

Huge Taobao haul: cosplay, wigs, Etc.

Taobao haul


Taobao haul #04: cosplay, wigs, accessories, etc.

BJD Taobao haul: Loki, 70cm, yosd, msd


Taobao unboxing part 1: stationery, clothes, and cute stuff!

We appreciate all the praise and recommendations. Though many people say that no one can do better than us, but actually we still keep improving ourselves all the time. You can see many changes in our service this year. We have lowered the exchange rate (the new rate from Jan. 1st, 2019 is 1 CNY = 0.153 USD), coupons are often offered, more international shipping methods are provided, orders and mails are processed normally on weekends. The biggest change is that TaobaoRing brand has been upgraded to 42agent from Dec. 1st, 2018, since we provide a variety of services now.

We do thank you from the bottom of our heart, and will try to offer better and better Taobao agent service to all.