Commission rate adjusted for Xianyu orders

Dear friends,

We will increase our service charge rate for Xianyu orders from 8% to 12% from June 1st, 2020. One reason is that we are short of hands under the virus situation, and the other reason is that Xianyu orders take too much time to process, mostly 2 times of ordinary Taobao orders. Please find below our detailed explanation about Xianyu platform.

Xianyu(also called idle fish by some customers) site is a platform for second-hand goods trading, and its transactions have several characteristics.

Sellers are unprofessional individuals

Some of them may be not online most of the time and cannot respond to messages in a timely manner. Therefore we have to try to contact with them again and again for each step of the orders. Among them, there are many sellers who are extremely arrogant and even refuse to reply to messages even after we pay.

Do not accept order cancels, returns or exchanges

The Xianyu platform has very little protection policy for consumers. Therefore, buying goods from Xianyu does take some risk.

Cannot guarantee on-time delivery

We’ve had many bad experiences that sellers don’t ship or respond to messages for 1-2 months after payment. At the same time, customers would send us frequent emails pushing us to ship.

Do not accept bargaining

Some customers will offer a price that is far below the seller’s selling price, so we are often get yelled at or blackmailed by the sellers when we negotiate price with them.

Therefore, we decide to increase the service charge rate for Xianyu orders to 12%. We appreciate your kind understanding.

You are welcome to place orders as usual. Regardless of the quality of goods and service attitude of the Xianyu sellers, we will continue to provide you with the first-class shopping service. Enjoy your shopping.