Celebrate 42agent 7th anniversary

Dear friend,

This is a letter from your old friend 42agent in China, which is thousands of miles away.

We will be 7 years old this September. We are writing to show our appreciate and share our joy with you.

In China, 80% of start-ups can not survive 3 years because of the fierce competitition and fast market changes. However, we are lucky. Our business maintains and we are still making progress. Because of your choice, trust and support, we are getting better and better. Thank you so much!

If you buy goods or gifts for yourself, family or friends, we guess the dizzying variety of items from Taobao may make you difficult to choose. Everything looks so nice and hard to choose, right? Yes, we feel the same when we shop for ourselves.

If you are purchasing goods for local selling or online sales, we hope that the quality and price of Taobao goods can satisfy you. We do hope your business keep booming. All the time, we are preparing to be your infrastructure to provide you with efficient, reliable and stable services. We are willing to grow together with you!

Our philosophy has always been to provide customers with the first-class purchase service, from first day to today, never changed. Each time we send a package, we look forward to a smile from the other side of the ocean. We hope every purchase you make is a happy experience. We hope you happy every day!

42agent Team

August 8th, 2018