What do these Chinese characters mean? Buy cosplay from taobao must know


Q: When I read an item on Taobao, it says this is a presale for 4-5 months, it says 预售(4-5月). What does it mean?

A: It means the seller has made cooperation with the factory, and he may get stocks on about April or May. Customers can pre-order it first and seller will send it once he get stocks.


Q: What does 尾款 mean? Is the item still available? Can I buy it?

A: 尾款 means balance payment. It means the seller splits in 2 payments for an item, customers at first pay him deposit to pre-order the item, and when he get stocks the balance payment page is released to those customers. It is only for those who paid seller deposit before, other ones can’t order it.


Q:What does 现货 mean? Can the seller send item soon?

A: It means the item is ready to ship, sellers usually can ship such items in about 48 hours after paying them.

单买 / 加购

Q: What does 单买 加购 mean?

A: They both mean it is not included in the base option, you need to add it separately to shopping cart if you want to buy it also.

尾款 / 全款

Q: There are 2 options in the list, one is 尾款 and the other one is 全款, which one shall I choose?

A: You need to choose the second one 全款, it means full price. The 尾款 option is only for those who paid seller deposit before. Usually such items are not ready to ship, you need to wait until seller get stocks from factories.

定金 / 预约

Q: What does 定金 预约 mean? Can I buy such items?

A: It means the item is not ready to ship, the seller will charge deposit for pre-order first, and when he get stocks from factories he will release balance payment page. The price you see is only a part, not full. You can buy such items and 42agent will charge full price in one time, then we can pay seller asap once they release balance payment page, it saves both time and transaction fee for our customers.

展示 / 截团展示

Q: I want to buy an item, but I see the price is quite high, it shows 9999cny and says 截团展示 展示. Can I still buy it? How much then?

A: You can’t buy such items because it means pre-order has ended, you missed it. The seller sets a high price just avoid of customers pay by mistake. Such pages are only for display instead of sale.


Q: What does 征集 mean? Is the price correct?

A: No, the price is usually for deposit only. And it means this is an collection item. The seller makes a deal with the factory that only if there are enough people to buy, the factory will begin to make, otherwise the deal is invalid.

The seller usually only charges a deposit first for such item, as he is not sure the full price yet. The final price has something to do with how many people will buy, they will calculate final price and release balance payment page if the deal is done, otherwise will refund deposit to customers.

单只 / 一对

Q:What does 单只 一对 mean?

A: 单只 means price is for single item, and 一对 means the price is for one pair.