42agent is your long-term partner

We have hundreds of long term overseas customers up until now, and the number is still increasing year by year. If you buy from Taobao or 1688.com and resell items in your local, welcome to join our service and become our long term partner.

What Can We Provide You

  • Buy from various platforms. We can purchase from 2.taobao.com, JD, Kongfz.com, Wechat, Amazon, Dangdang, and other platforms. On choice of platform, we will consider payment method, shipment and after-sale generally.
  • Consultation service. You can mail us if you have any problem on product or related issue. Such as size selection, make / delivery time and cost details. If you need special customized item, we can contact with factories in China for you.
  • Discount. We can help ask sellers for discount if buy in bulk.
  • Free photo taking. We will take photos when items arrive at our warehouse. You can check items by photos before making 2nd payment.
  • Free storage. We provide free storage service, one year at least.
  • Declaration. When shipping, we can declare as per your request to help you avoid your local customs.

What Kind Of Service For You

  • Buy and ShipForMe. Our classic service, we buy items and ship to your address.
  • BuyForMe. Placing order on our platform and we buy items for you. When all items arrive to us, we will pack, and arrange shipment to your own forwarder.
  • ShipForMe. You can buy items by yourself and send to our office. We will combine all, pack and ship to your address.
  • DropShipping. You submit order with your clients’ address. We help you buy and ship to their address directly. Parcels ship out as personal, and your client will not get any information about us. At the same time, we can arrange if you need to put your brochure or logo together with the parcel.

What Conveniences You Can Enjoy

  • Much shorter confirmation period. We will confirm and update your order within several hours except that sellers reply us late.
  • Priority delivery. We have very good cooperation with sellers always. We can talk to seller, ship your items to priority.
  • Discount on service fee. If you have big orders with us for a long time, we can offer more discount on service fee.
  • Discount on shipping fee. We offer big discount on international shipping fee.

If you are a merchant, 42agent will be your best Taobao agent choice. We provide the best service in order processing, items quality checking, photo taking and packing. Our highest service quality will make everything easy and perfect for you. You will find each cent you pay is worth the service you enjoy. We handle everything for you, and you only need to take care of your own customers.