Due to the epidemic in Beijing, we will stop shipping for one week from 11/26

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you. It is sad to publish such news just after such a joyous occasion. Since mid-November, more cases of the Covid-19 epidemic have appeared in Beijing. As a result, control measures have been gradually tightened at all sites in the city. At the evening of November 23rd, we received a notice from the warehouse property that the industrial park where we are located will be closed to all personnel from the 24th.

We received the notice at 23:50 on the night of the 23rd. Our warehouse colleagues rushed to the warehouse that night and stayed there for two consecutive nights in order to get all the packages that had paid for shipping sent out as soon as possible. But today, we were warned by the property again to leave. So next we had to close the warehouse to cooperate with the government’s epidemic work arrangement.

The property did not say how long the warehouse would be closed. From experience in other cities and other locations, we estimate that it will be closed for at least 3-5 days. During this time, we will not be able to receive or ship packages. But our staff will still work online, we are still here! You can still place the order and send emails to us, but for shipment, we can only hold on to the parcels and ship them for you as soon as the warehouse is unlocked.

We do sorry for the trouble caused and thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and keep healthy, this is the sincere wish from all 42agent members!