2022 Chinese New Year Holiday Schedule

Dear friends,

The 2022 Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is coming soon, we will be off duty from January 26th to February 7th, and will come back to work on February 8th (Tuesday). Almost all companies in China will be off duty for holiday, including Taobao sellers and domestic delivery companies. The order processing will be suspended during the holiday. Our holiday schedule is as follows and you can arrange your orders in advance.

From January 20th, we will begin to use ShunFeng/SF express as domestic shipping to make sure your parcels can arrive before our holiday. SF delivery is the fastest domestic shipping in China and delivery fee for the first kilogram is 23CNY, each extra kilogram costs 14 CNY. The reason we use SF is because normal domestic shipping will be slower and slower at present, and some post companies have already stopped collecting parcels now.

From January 24th, we will stop confirming orders. All orders placed before January 24th can still be confirmed. For some custom-made cosplay orders which take a long time to make, we can also confirm but will ship after this big holiday.

On January 25th(our last working day before the holiday), we will arrange the last shipment. Only orders paid shipping before 3 p.m on January 25th can be sent before the holiday, otherwise we can only ship after the holiday. 

All the orders can be placed as usual on our website here https://www.42agent.com, and all emails & messages can be sent as usual during our holidays. We have online staff to process your orders & emails & messages & purchasing during our holiday, but the international shipment can only be arranged when we come back on Feb. 8th.

For the shipped out parcels, there may be some delay due to Covid-19, and you can know more about the delay from this news https://www.42agent.com/docs/2021/08/ems-parcel-delay-because-of-covid-19/ . Please don’t worry if your parcel is unluckily delayed. You can send email to us and we will check for you soon when we are available.

Sorry for any delay or inconvenience caused because of the big holiday. Thanks for your kind understanding and supporting! Please keep healthy and stay safe! Happy New Year to everyone! ^^



Urgent Notice about DHL Price Increase

Dear customers,

We get an urgent notice from DHL company to tell that DHL will rise price from Jan.1st, 2022. Because of the Covid-19 situation is still hard, and the number of flights has decreased, the cost of flights has risen substantially .

We not get notice from China Post yet, the price of the other shipping methods may rise as well in the new year, not sure yet. Once we get the notice, we will put news on our website to tell you at the first time.

If you are not hurry to receive your items, you can choose Chinese Air (1-2 months) or SAL (2-3 months to arrive) to ship. Both Air and SAL are currently cheaper than EMS and DHL, so you can compare prices with our online calculator.

You can also choose to storage the items in our warehouse for a while to see whether the price can reduce again in the near future. We will provide free storage for you.

We do sorry for the troubles caused. Any questions please feel free to contact service@42agent.com.

Happy New year to everyone!^^ Please stay safe and healthy!