Urgent Notice about EMS and Eyoubao Price Increase

Dear customers,

We get an urgent notice from China Post to tell that EMS will rise price from today (Nov.15th) because of hard Covid-19 situation. There are 8 countries affected by this: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. From now on, they will not offer any discount to ship by EMS to the 8 countries. Additional, extra handling fee will be added too.

Eyoubao shipping fee to these 9 countries are also affected this time and price will rise from today (Nov.15th): Brazil, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and France. There will be handling fee added and they are not sure when this can recover. The other countries are still same price with before.

China Post now can not tell when the discount can be applied again. We suggest customers to use DHL or Fedex if you want to receive the parcels fast. Otherwise you can choose Chinese Air (1-2 months) or SAL (2-3 months to arrive) to ship. Both Air and SAL are currently cheaper than EMS, so you can compare prices with our online calculator.

You can also choose to storage the items in our warehouse for a while to see whether EMS can reduce price again in the near future. We will provide free storage for you. At the same time, we are trying to look for other shipping service who can provide economic shipping methods to these affected countries. Once we find the cheaper shipping service we will put news on our website.

We do sorry for the troubles caused. Any questions please feel free to contact service@42agent.com.