3 Things you need to know about shopping from China after new coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak

First of all, wherever you are, we wish you peace.

Over the past two months or so, various industries in China have been hit hard by the new coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak, and 42agent is no exception. The good news is that the courier and e-commerce industry is gradually recovering. If you want to continue shopping from China, there are a few changes that you need to know ahead of time.

  1. A small number of sellers have still not resumed operations. The main sellers of Cosplay, for example, are in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which is the worst-hit region in China and the slowest to recover. If you have custom Cosplay needs, it may take a little more patience than usual.
  2. Domestic express delivery is slower than usual. Express speeds are still 1-2 days slower than usual as some provinces and regions are still under control.
  3. As a result of the global spread of the epidemic, Governments have restricted people’s travel and work, and some have even closed international flights. This will lead to three main problems.

Firstly, international express delivery timelines have dropped dramatically and are erratic, with EMS arriving globally at an average speed of 7-14 days, but now becoming 10-30 days or more.

Second, China Post, DHL, Fedex and other major international courier companies have recently increased their freight rates. You can get the latest prices through 42agent’s online calculator.


EMS price to USA rise to full price on the end of April, however it recovers the 40% discount again on the early of May. For more information please refer to news here https://www.42agent.com/services/news.php#296.

Thirdly, international flights are closed in some countries and you need to know the situation in your country in advance before placing an order so that you do not receive the package.

Finally, I would like to tell you what hasn’t changed and that is that 42agent will continue to provide you with a professional proxy shopping service and that will never change. Once again, I wish you peace and look forward to meeting you.

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