Taobao Concentrated Transportation

What is Taobao Concentrated Transportation? And how will your goods arrive to you if buy from International Taobao directly.

When you submit an order, you have two options. Taobao concentrated transportation and contact the seller to solve yourself(from seller to your forwarder).

Taobao Concentrated Transportation

It is a kind of logistics distribution service provided by Taobao for overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan buyers. It has 2 parts.

Domestic/Mainland: From seller to transit warehouse. Since different seller choose different courier, the time of delivery to transit warehouse is different. It takes 3-7 days generally.

Overseas: When all your items arrive at transit warehouse. You need you to pay the shipping fee. Then they will arrange shipment within 24 hours.

Carrier Details:

Information on Taobao international shipping service:

Example for you. If you are in the United States, you can only choose Zhongshan Express and Jiacheng International.

Jiacheng International Transportation

They used to provide transportation services to Taiwan China Only, and now extend the service to international.

Zhongshan Express

When we talk to Taobao, they provide us this link:

Zhongshan Express can be regarded as a transportation company or shipping forwarder. There is no way to find information about them online. If you use keywords”Taobao concentrated Transportation Zhongshan Express”, most are negative evaluations.

Limitation / Problem

Some goods can not be purchased or sent: Because of international shipping or customs, some goods are forbidden. Such as wig, it is unable to purchase if you are from France. Alipay service agreement and Alipay global privacy policy for you.

Pay for storage: The transit warehouse keep items for free about 20 days only. Then 1cny / each day over 20 days. It is uneconomic to purchase spot goods and customized or pre-order goods together. Therefore, we recommend that you ask the seller for delivery time when you purchase.

Mention: Be sure to track your goods. If the logistics information is not normal, please contact with seller in time and extend the delivery time. Generally, Taobao system will automatically confirm the receipt on the 11th day after the seller delivers the goods. You can apply for after-sales within one month after confirming the receipt.

Without logistics information or track number: Some customers mailed us, there will be a receipt information if EMS package. Then it will update after a long time. We have checked and confirmed with professional shipping company as per their quotation. It should be another shipping service, but not EMS. It does not have track number in China, and update when the parcel arrive at destination country.

This is extremely unsafe. If you accidentally choose it, you should communicate with Taobao customer service, and pay attention to transaction time.

Buy Taobao Directly or Taobao Agent

In fact, whether you buy directly from Taobao or purchase through agent, your goods/orders will combine and ship together. Let’s see difference.

Storage: Most of Taobao agent offer free storage for 1 year or longer, it is very cheap. Especially for customize/pre-sale items.

Flexible: If you are in hurry, but some items haven’t arrive in time. You can send items which has arrived firstly. Shipping method can change before making 2nd payment. Except that, they provide different service. Such as, ShipForMe, BuyForMe.

Check/Photo: Agent will check your goods according to your needs when they receiving. And provide you with photos for free before shipping. If there is any problem, you can replace the goods in time, it saves money and time.

Shipping: Parcels will ship out as per your choice. The most important is that all packages have a track number. You needn’t to keep track always, and just mail them if any problem. EMS parcel will get refund 100% (1st payment + 2nd payment) if lost. And 30% of international shipping cost will compensate for our clients if the international shipping time over 3 months.

In short, the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to do everything yourself. All the processes can be solved with just a few emails. There is no complicated communication process like Taobao.

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