42agent Provides Best Packing

If you are looking for a Taobao agent that provides good packing for your international parcels, you have come to the right place. Because of our best packing, customers often leave message at Feedback. Or write email to express their gratitude to us directly.

As Taobao agent, we receive a lot of parcels every day from Taobao sellers.

There are often such packages. Because of  Taobao sellers’ improper packaging, goods are directly lost or damaged when arrive at our warehouse.

Many Taobao sellers do not have the experience of overseas parcel shipping. No matter from packaging material or method, the parcel is unsuitable for long term international transportation.

Some of our customers have their own freight forwarder. Some can read Chinese so can purchase from Taobao themselves and ask Taobao sellers to ship to them directly. But finally, many suffer bad packing, so they turn to 42agent for shipping because of our good packing.

Customer with Forwarder(By Sea)

Some wholesale customers usually have their own shipping Forwarder. We buy and pack for them, then send these packages to their forwarders. You will see below how these parcels look after our packing.

Personal Customer

We also provide ShipForMe service for customers who can buy from Taobao by themselves, then send items to us. After we pack, we ship directly to their overseas address.

Best Packing Starts from Good Packing Material

For different products, we use different packing materials for best protection. Such as fragile product – touch screen, we also prepare thicker cartons for all customers.

Shipping Photos

These are how your parcel look like when they leave our warehouse. No matter you buy big items or small, one item or many, we attach great importance to them and guarantee best packing that we can do.

Feedback Sharing

Feedback is the most intuitive reflection from our customers. Hope everyone enjoy 42agent’s shopping service. Cann’t wait? Join us now.

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