What items are worth from taobao?

Many people like to buy from taobao due to it’s low price, but do you know what items are worth to buy, and what products are not?

Items are worth to buy

Generally speaking, products that are not heavy, and price also much lower than that in your country are worth to buy from taobao. So even taking international shipping fee into consideration, full price is still lower than your country, then it’s worth. For example, women clothes, women shoes, men’s clothes, men’s shoes, cosplay, women bags, wigs are all such products. Especially the cosplay and wigs, they are not heavy and price on taobao is really competitive. So even you use fast shipping like EMS, total cost is still much more less than local cosplay and the wigs quality is also not bad.

Items are not worth to buy

However, some items are not worth to buy internationally. The reasons may refer to the size, weight, and safety. For example, furniture, electronic products, earphones, and some dangerous products which are not safe to ship. Like liquid, lighter or items which are magnetic. The furniture usually are very long and heavy, so some shipping company may not accept such long parcel, and international shipping fee also high due to the big weight. Another reason is it can be scratched easily during shipping. Electronic products are not very safe, and can be inspected in customs random checking and can be returned back to the sender easily. The liquid, lighter and magnetic products are prohibit shipping.


Actually we suggest you to check your country customs policy before shop from taobao and taobao agents, as each country has their own rule about the products that can be imported. If you buy the prohibited importing products by accident, then they may detained it or destroy, which cause money loss to you.

At the mean time, hope this is good tool for you – https://www.42agent.com/services/calc.php. It will be better if you could estimate your international shipping cost firstly, especially large and overweight item.

Good wishes from 42agent!

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