Shunfeng Service Introduction

Shufeng shipping, also simply known as SF shipping,  is a new international shipping way for your Taobao online shipping. 42agent’s first cooperation negotiation with Shunfeng (use SF instead in the blog) was from September of last year 2017. However, it failed finally, because there are many restrictions on goods export, and too complicated on declaration. The most important is that, their quotation is unsuitable for our customers, so we did not agree to the coppertion.

Then, in June of this year 2018, SF came to our office again with sincerity seeking for cooperation. Their operation is mature and simpler this time. We started the cooperation after discussing all details.

Shunfeng – Introduction

Is SF service reliable?

SF was established as a domestic delivery company in Guangdong, China in 1993. It has always been a leading comprehensive service provider of express logistics in China. Since 2010, SF has developed their international business gradually. Now, its services have covered more than 200 countries and regions around the world.

Cooperate Process

Why we stopped SF service in October for 2 months?

We started SF shipping since June 2018. We will mail and explain the service to our customers individually if their parcel suitable.

About 20th Oct., we stopped it since many parcels got delayed or lost.

After 2 months, we re-opened the shipping method. As SF promised us they can solve problem that raised.

Shunfeng Shipment 

How to get SF shipping cost?

SF will apply the higher weight for shipping fee between actual weight and volume weight. SF volume weight comes from package length*width*height/6000. For example, if you have purchased 10pcs plush toys, the actual weight of the parcel is 2kg only. And we pack them with carton 45*23*29CM, volume weight should be 5kg (length*height*weight/6000 = 45*23*29/6000). Then, you need to pay a shipping fee based on 5kg, but not 2kg.

Which country will be suitable to use SF shipping?

From our experience, you can try SF service if you are from United States, Sweden, Singapore, or Malaysia.  It depends on destination customs and international shipping time. Customs will be the main problem.

What are their advantage?

As customer, when choosing international shipping way, the main concern is time and money. SF provides online tracking and it’s always updated in time,

Price Comparison

There is a calculator of international shipping fee for you on 42agent’s site. You can get and compare shipping cost by yourself.

Let’s check difference (EMS / DHL takes 7-14 days, Shunfeng takes 7-20 days).

1. 5kg parcel to United States (EMS – SF =549-356= 193 cny / 31.46 usd )

2. 20kg parcel to United States (EMS – SF =1740.75-1120= 620.75cny / 101.18 usd )

Tracking (Time and Transport Details)

Considering customer privacy, we will not show tracking numbers but will only list the tracking details, thanks.

Parcel 1- United State – 6 days

Parcel 2 – United States- 9 days

How to solve problem of parcel delay or lost?

SF will not compensate in full and will not bear the delay of parcel. If the package is lost, final refund determined by actual insured amount, declare value, and actual value of goods. We need to provide all details to SF. But sure, we will do our utmost to maximize the benefit for our clients during negotiations.

By the way, EMS parcel will get refund 100% (1st payment + 2nd payment) if lost, and 30% of international shipping cost will be compensated for our clients if the international shipping time over 3 months.

From above, you can see both advantage and disadvantage of Shunfeng international shipping. Hope it will be help to you when decide which shipping method to choose.

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