Is It Reliable to Buy from WeChat?

WeChat trade is becoming popular, and it seems to be simple, and reliable. But are you sure that you are not 0.1% – we mean unlucky.

What is WeChat trade?

With the popularity of WeChat, WeChat seller has gradually increased. Many people may have the same feelings, open the moments, all advertising of different items – shoes, bag, watch and so on.

Yes. In short, WeChat trade is buy through WeChat. Seller display products by their moments. And you, as a buyer, choose the item, talk to the seller and confirm details to buy the item.

Any guarantee if buy on WeChat?

The answer to the question is No. WeChat trade, except for TURST, has nothing to do with others. You select the goods and WeChat transfer to seller directly. Seller arrange shipment and you receive the item, everything goes well. But if trust is only unilateral, then from the moment you pay seller, it’s all over.

WeChat trade also has reliable seller that can support exchange and return. But WeChat trade itself is not have the same security guarantee as Taobao. On Taobao, you can apply for refund if sellers do not ship the item. If the seller’s goods are wrong, you can exchange or refund. If the seller ingores you, you can get solved through Taobao. Anyhow, you have variety of ways to protects your rights.

Why consumers still purchase without guarantee?

WeChat Moment is an acquaintance community and share with friend only. In general, information post on Moment is real. But WeChat seller is special group, and reliability of their Moment differ in thousands of ways.

How to judge whether the WeChat seller is reliable?

There is no way to judge this. In Taobao, JD or other similar online platforms, you can judge by seller store level and other buyers’ feedback. But WeChat can’t. Can you judge with a few pictures? Pro, pictures can also be fake.

What can we do for you?

When confirming order, if we encounter WeChat sellers (some sellers have Taobao stores but only accept WeChat order), generally we will MARK ITEM AS NO and inform clients of the risk. However, if you insist on purchasing, we can provide services, but we do not accept PayPal.

If any problem, we will try our best to help solve it, but WE WILL NOT IN CHARGE OF IT.

The worst case of WeChat trade

We believe that most WeChat sellers are reliable, but there exists risk of encounter bad sellers. The bad case can be that WeChat seller does not accept item exchange, return or refund. And the worst case is that you pay the seller, but he/she does not send goods. If the seller play cheating on purpose, then there is no way for us to get the payment back.

In general, WeChat shopping becomes more and more popular, but since WeChat platform does not have any rules and regulations to protect consumers’ rights now, so shopping is only based on personal trust. Though most sellers are good ones, there are still some bad ones, so we need to be very careful. We hope WeChat can apply relatively shopping regulations in the future, then shopping will become safer at that time.

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