Truth about international EMS fees

I saw an interesting post on the Internet. The author thinks that 42agent’s EMS fee is extremely expensive and suspects that 42agent has falsified the standard cost of EMS.

It’s easy to prove it, you can check all the fees from the China EMS official website.

Taking United States for example. This is link of EMS international transportation price page. The United States is in the 5th district, first weight 500g is 240 yuan, and continuous weight of 500g is 75 yuan(1KG – stand EMS fee= 240+75=315cny. 42agent discount quotation= 144+45=189cny. The parcel over 5kg is discount 45% off, and below 5kg enjoy 40% off).


You can try the cost from China EMS official website:


The author said that you lied. From Taobao International Freight, I clearly see that the EMS first weight of 1KG should be 83 yuan , and continuous weight of 1KG is 22 yuan(1KG=83cny, 2K=105cny).

There is a very simple business logic. If you are looking for a shipping company to send a parcel, send 1 and send 100, or 100,000, which is totally different on price. Transport companies will provide different discounts to different customers – the larger the amount, the cheaper it is. Taobao’s official EMS agency can give their customers very very low price, which is much lower than the 42agent price, because Taobao International transfer parcels is 100,000 times or more than 42agent.

In order to save money, you have variety of options. The cheapest is to ship directly from Taobao, especially if you only buy standardized things from 1-2 sellers. You don’t even need to know Chinese. Just use Chrome and install the Google Translate plugin, then you can easily sign up for Taobao and Alipay, and associate your credit card.

Taobao, which is larger than 42agent, can also provide lower costs because they have many many parcels. You can find them by searching for taobao agent on Google.

If you buy goods from multiple sellers and don’t care about time. You can buy things from Taobao and send them to the warehouses of forwarder in Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in China. They can also provide very low international shipping costs. Many of our customers who buy circuit boards, car products, and daily necessities in large quantities do this way.

We don’t mind if you use services other than 42agent. The Internet is large and convenient, you always have a lot of choices, not 42agent only.

We are very grateful to those who choose 42agent, because of their trust, we are fully committed to our own services every day.

Even in the face of unfair accusations, we will not lost sense of reason because of anger. If the customer makes sense, we will actively improve it; if it does not, they also have the right to express their opinions. In this world, elephants can survive and ants can also survive. We don’t mind if someone compares ants to elephants. We respect their freedom of speech, which is one of our value.

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