China Shipping Method Introduction

Do you want to be a qualified online buyer? Then you need to know more about China shipping method.

Shipping Methods Classification

Domestic shipping is mainly divided into 2 parts, express delivery and logistics. In general, express delivery is suitable for lighter and smaller packages, while logistics is used for larger/wholesale goods. In simple, the transportation of 3 skirts should be express delivery, but 3 cartons, then you can consider logistics.

Express Delivery

There are many domestic express delivery companies. SF(Shunfeng), YTO(Yuantong), ZTO(Zhongtong), STO(Shentonng), Yunda, TTK(Tiantian), BEST(Baishi) are common.

SF is not commonly, but it is the primary choice if you have valuable goods or time requirement(1-2 days). Of course, the price is also the highest. At the end of the year, we will change SF to customer when confirming order, to ensure that the package will ship out before our new year holiday. Other shipping methods take 3-7 days generally, it is depend on distance between seller and our warehouse. Price is not much different.


The main domestic logistics is Deppon, ANE(Anneng), Tiandi Huayu, UC(Yousu), Jiaji. Deppon’s standing in logistics is same as SF in express delivery, always gives customer feeling of trustworthiness. It takes about 3-5 days generally, and the price is slightly higher than other methods. Other methods need 3-7 days, but they are also selection of many sellers.


Deppon Express was established in 1996 and has always been following the needs of customers, providing customers with efficient, convenient, timely, and reliable services. Their service location has spread to nearly 10,000.

  Tiandi Huayu

It is subsidiary of TNT in China before, and acquired by CITIC now. There are more than 2,500 service location in about 500 cities across the country.


Jiaji is an early-established logistics company, but with slow development. It has 1,200 service location in mainland China. Their speed and service are relatively poor. The only thing that is desirable is that the price is cheap, many Taobao or 1688 sellers choose them.

Difference on express delivery and logistics

Express delivery – door to door, from seller to your home. KG is the calculate unit, if the weight of each parcel is less than 1KG, it should be calculated according to 1KG, the first weight is 1KG. For example, if your parcel is 2.5KG, then you need to pay as per 3KG.

Logistics – door to destination service location. You need to pay extra payment if you need service door to door, it is depend on distance. Generally, their fee include with shipping, insurance, home delivery(it is different if go upstairs). All logistics are charged according to the highest between actual weight and  volume weight(height*length*width/5000, generally is 5000, different company has different standard sometimes). Let’s give you 2 examples:

Home delivery – generally, package only arrive the destination’s service location, you need to pick it up yourself. If you need home dlivery, you need to choose the service when you ship. And home delivery is different from upstairs delivery. If your home is on the first floor, maybe you pay home delivery cost 50cny only. But if 2nd or other floor, the cost will increase.

Cost esimtate – if your parcel is 50KG in total, parcel size is 75*75*50cm, then the volume weight should be 75*75*50/5000=56.25KG. And you need to pay as per 56.25KG(57KG).

For wholesale purchase and shipments from our warehouses to customer forwarder, to ensure the safety of products, we generally use Deppon Logistics and add home delivery services. So packages can arrives directly at the freight forwarding warehouse. Eliminate other troubles. Although the cost of logistics is complicated, the large/heavy package is still suitable for logistics transportation.

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