Personalized Customization with 42agent

With the development of the global economy, more and more people from all over the world like to buy from the same website -Taobao. However, some friends buy similar or identical products sometimes. For example, when you travel together with your friend, you find she carries the same bag with you. That would be embarrassing, right? However, if you buy the same bag but customized with your own letters, it will be special and will surprise her.

As mentioned earlier in previous blogs, 42agent can help customize cosplay and cos shoes for special size. But besides that, we can accept all kinds of items to be customized as well. Such as bags, key chain, pillow, BJD, etc. You only need to provide detailed information or pictures to us, and the experienced sellers will get it instantly. There is a few extra cost for customization service, but will be a large discounts if do mass production.

Customized key chain

Honestly, customized items usually take much more time than normal ones for confirmation. We need to check all details both with sellers and customers. In order to avoid any tiny mistakes, the seller usually makes samples first. And then produce more once customer agrees on it. What’s more important here is our efficient communication. ^^ If you are keen on doing personalized customization for key chain, we’d like to take one as example to teach you how to customize it. The following key chain is small, complicated, but very delicate! 🙂

Do you want to own something unique? In addition to all above we list, there are a variety of items can be customized from China Taobao. They are small, cheap, funny and easy to buy! So many new and amusing goods here, what are you waiting for? ^_^



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