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Over 20 million people are excited these days after broadcast of seventh season of Game of Thrones on last Sunday night, and so many people are shopping for Game of Thrones Cosplay products with us these days. What a lucky experience, as most 42agent team members are also loyal fans of Game of Thrones since its first broadcast. You will know we are the best Taobao agent to help buy Game of Thrones cosplay and around products.

As you know, Game of Thrones is acted based on a a series books by George R.R. Martin, and the book is originally known as A Song of Ice and Fire. As a fan of it, you may want to cosplay many roles in it. Even if you are not a fan of it, you must have many fans friends, so getting some Game of Thrones gifts for them as gifts will be also a good idea. Isn’t it?

If you are new to Taobao shopping, you may ask where and how to buy Game of Thrones cosplay products? The answer is definitely Taobao (https://world.taobao.com/). We suggest you use Chrome to translate to Taobao English page first if you do not know Chinese. If you use the Chinese version, then you can use the Chinese words “权利的游戏” or “冰与火之歌” to search. There are so many sellers on it, and you can find anything related to Game of Thrones. No matter who you want to cosplay, it can fullfill your request.

Even if you do know Chinese at all, you can easily get these cosplay by using 42agent’s shopping service. Only 6 steps will help you make your dream come true. Actually, what you need to do is only the first step, to search on Taobao for the items then use item link to place order on our site, then we will handle all the rest. Some days later, you will receive the parcel at your door. Amazing experience!


Which character do you want to cosplay most? The Princess Deanerys/Khaleesi? There are the hot ones as follows.

Game of Thrones Cosplay

Are you fans of Jon Snow?


How about Queen Cersei? Any one wants to cosplay her?

Taobaoring-game of thrones cosplay

Are you fond of the red woman?

Taobaoring-red woman

There must be some one want to cosplay Margaery (Tyrell)?


If you do not want to cosplay them, you may be interested in these Game of Thrones around products.

Taobaoring-game of throne-gift

At last, we also would like to recommend you some good Taobao stores for Game of Thrones products. Hope they will be helpful when you do the search.

Seller: Tokugawa shopping

Products:  Game of Thrones figure,  and other hot TV plays or movies figures


Seller: ahanking

Products: Hot movies around products, Game of Thrones gifts


Seller: CosplaySky

Products: cosplays, cos props


Wish all of you a pleasant Taobao shopping.

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