Tips on International Shipping Service with Taobao Agent

Today, 42agent will share some tips on ShipForMe Only service when you shop on Taobao by Yourself, but use a Taobao agent for international shipping service.

In the past, customers place order through our platform, and we will contact with seller, confirm order, purchase and ship to them. With the enhancement of international trade and cultural exchange, customers have get more new skills, such as language. Occasionally, some clients will email us: I have communicated with seller, could you provide me transport if I purchase by myself? Yeah, we do admire them, since they surmount such big barrier! As we know, Chinese is one of the most difficult language that has long been recognized. For those customers who can purchasing by themselves, we add some new services now. Hope different customers can benefit from it.

Traditional Model

Whole process arrange and handle by 42agent. Because you always read it on our website, so make it simple, following familiar picture for your reference. And if you are going to get more details, please check the order process page.

Purchasing by Customers Themselves

In order to avoid Taobao sellers’ mistakes, and make it convenient for subsequent steps (weight and 2nd payment), we recommend you place an order on our platform. At the same time, make a note you will buy this order by yourself. Then please let us know the service you are prefer, because different service charges will be different. Then we will reply you our warehouse address information, modify order status to purchase directly (without: confirm with seller / 1st payment and purchase). For receiving parcels smoothly, please fill in receiver information strictly as we asked when you are purchasing on Taobao.


Service A (15cny service fee per Kilogram): the order is purchased by your own. We are responsible for quality checking, taking photo, packing and shipping. Commission is 15cny / kg.


Service B (10cny service): the order bought by yourself, and we only pack and ship to you after receiving. Commision is 10cny / kg.

Please attention, if it is very large order or heavy packages, we will offer some discount appropriately.

Particular Attention

Kind reminder, we also have to mention these service disadvantages.

1. Service A under ShipForMe only: quality check, photo, pack and international shipping service. We check your commodities according to item’s link under your order. Sometimes it will be difficult to contact with seller if any problem on item, as some sellers only answer after sale question under the purchasing Taobao account. And often, sellers refuse to reply if not the account which purchased the item. So, the solution is that you provide us Taobao account and password so that we can assist and resolve. Another solution is we tell you the problem, and you contact with seller, then reply us to proceed to next step.

2. Service B under ShipForMe only: international shipping service only. Your goods will not be checked after arriving at our warehouse. So we will not be responsible for any items defect. And what’s more, Taobao transaction date mostly has closed when you receive the parcels, so it is impossible to apply for refund or change. Even if the seller agrees with your request after negotiation, it will cost a lot of money and time to return the item from abroad.

Every coin has 2 sides, please think it over before making decision.

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