Taobao Search Tips to Help You Shop Easily from China

Do you have a headache when search desired items from Taobao? I believe you go to the right place when you click into this blog. As a Taobao agent for over 5 years,  42agent has gathered some useful Taobao search tips, and we would like to share with you.

1. To most people, the biggest problem is the language. You know that Taobao is the biggest China shopping website, so the language is Chinese which most foreign people can’t read. So, begin to do Taobao search, it’s very necessary to install Google Chrome on your computer. It helps to translate Chinese to any of your desired language, then you can search items on Taobao English pages.

2. Check the the credibility of the seller, also called transaction reputation. When you see there are no comments feedback to this store yet, please reconsider before add it to your shopping cart. Because it means the seller doesn’t run the store well or it’s a new store. It is not safe to buy.

3. View the seller’s credit rating logo. This is important, because good taobao stores usually have higher credit rating. On the contrary, a bad or new seller usually has a low credit rating. You can compare the below images for the difference credit rating between the sellers.

Here below are the credit rating levels of Taobao store, you can see the lowest is red star, and the highest is golden crown. The seller will get one blue diamond when he has 5 red stars, then 5 blue diamond to upgrade to 1 blue crown, and 5 blues crowns to upgrade to one golden crown.

4.  Read the feedback from other customers who purchased the same item in this Taobao store. You can click in the detail item page, click the “Cumulative comments”(in Chinese it is 累计评论), and you can select “Picture” to view real picture feedback from other buyers. This is usually much useful than the seller’s pictures, as you know most sellers will beauty the pictures before they put in the website. As a result, it may lead to some color difference, while other buyers’ pictures can always tell the truth.

5. Never believe the super cheap items. For example, here are 3 cases the sellers set a very low price, however it is not the actual price, or they are poor quality items.


You may be mis-leaded to think the price is 1cny only for this love live cos-clothes. However, it is impossible. It is just a special link for customers to make up the difference shipping fee. Sometimes the seller realizes the shipping fee you paid is too less, he will send this link to ask to pay him the difference. You can order a quantity of 50 if the difference fee is 50cny.


The price is only 9.9cny for this t-shirt. You can image how bad the quality is!


Price of this costume is only 30cny? No, impossible! It is only the deposit. This is a collect item, you can move the mouse down to the page detail description, then you will see the balance price for character Sakura is 228cny, and for character Knight(Tomoyo) it is 238cny. So you need to pay 30+228=258cny for Sakura and 30+238=268cny for Knight(Tomoyo).

6. How to search an item on Taobao if I only have the item picture? Let  me tell you a fast and easy solution, which is Taobao image search.

First of all, you need to change the country to China Mainland. 

Then you will see a small camera in the search bar.

Click the camera and upload the item image. For example, you can upload a Lolita shoes picture, and click the camera button. Then you can see all the same or similar shoes on the pop up page. They are from different sellers, so you can choose the one you want.

Above are useful Taobao search tips we sum up so far. Hope you can easily find what you want on Taobao after reading this article. Of course, we will update if we have any other good tips in the future. 🙂 Wish every one a pleasant Taobao Shopping journey.

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