Important Notes about Taobao Agent Payment Methods

When you prepare to do China online shopping with an agent, currency and Taobao agent payment methods are always first concerned. Right? Honestly, many of our customers have asked this problem, since the exchange rate has been floating. In this case, we just set a reasonable exchange rate as default on our website. Thus, there will be no currency concerns when you buy China items through our service. Furthermore, in order to pursue accuracy and fairness, we usually update it every month. ^_^

Besides currency, you need to pay special attention to Taobao agent payment methods. 42agent supports these main payment methods: 42agent Coin, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, WebMoney,  WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, etc. We highly recommend 42agent Coin, because it is easy to process and have no transaction fee. After you deposit money to your 42agent coin account, you can use them to pay for your orders directly. Really easy and convenient! Most of our customers use it as their main payment method.  If you have not used it before but want to try, please refer to this page What is 42agentCoin. ^_^

In term of currency, our PayPal only accepts USD and HKD. Western Union only supports USD. If you want to pay via other cirrency like CNY, CAD, AUD, or GBP, Bank transfer is a good choice. It is easy for you to make payment through these methods step by step, but also easy to ignore some tips as well. Without special attention to the payment methods, you may encounter some problems. It will not only waste your time, but also lose money. We are so happy to introduce some important international payment tips here. If you are reading this article, you will be benefit from it so much. ^_^

1.Having problem via PayPal after make payment
Usually, once finish payment via PayPal, the order status will be updated automatically. But sometimes, we need to fix it manually due to internet connection problem. You can inform us in time while you encounter this issues so that we can check for you at earliest time. Under this condition, please offer us the transaction ID and exact amount, which is so important for us to check. To some extent, it is not a problem, but a normal case (as we always can solve it instantly ^^).

2. Attention needs to be paid via Western Union
After you have sent money to our Western Union account, please remember to send us the important payment information asap. The information usually includes the amount, your country, sender’s name and MTCN number (10 numbers only).

3.Notes for Bank Transfer

1)When you make payment via Bank transfer, please do not write order ID in the payment details. This is because the bank may consider it as some dangerous code and may return the payment. So, please kindly only write your name in payment details, which is of great importance no matter for you or us.  At the same time, email or message us about it, so that we will keep an eye on it and will update the order status once we receive it.

2)After you pay, the payment usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive. In order to guarantee accuracy and convenience, you’d better to show us the screenshot of payment bill. One more thing, sometimes the intermediary banks will charge some commission fee, we will not undertake it. If you pay more, we will also use the extra in your shipping. If there are some difference with the amount of your order, we will inform you and directly add or deduct it from your shipping cost. We also can use it as refund for your next order, which depends on your. That’s really so humanized. Isn’t it?

Have you got all above details about Taobao agent payment methods? Can’t wait to try with us? If you find it useful, please share this value article to your friends as well. Welcome more and more people to join us and enjoy easy & fun online shopping! 42agent will be there with you all the time! ^_^

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