How to Provide Foot Measurement for Cos Shoes?

More and more overseas people like to buy Taobao cosplay as well as cos shoes. To get a perfect size, people usually choose to customize their cos shoes. However, if you are not familiar with correct measuring way, it can easily mislead seller to make a wrong size.  As you know that in shoes size, little difference means a lot, so be careful with every detail when you provide foot measurement.

Today we will introduce several measurement tips on cos-boots and cos shoes.

1. For the following kind of flat-heeled boots, you need to provide gender, calf circumference, boots height and the shoes size you want. However, if you are afraid of misunderstanding on the size,  you can put foot length as well.

The foot length is measured from tiptoe to the heel like below.

TaobaoRing foot length

Besides foot length, you can also provide foot width. It’s the widest part of your foot sole, like below.


2.For high heel shoes with cylinder, like the one below. You need to provide gender, calf circumference, shaft height, heel height and shoes size you want (or foot length). These measurements are got like picture below. For some shoes, sellers has already fixed the heel height, but some can customized.

42agent-cos shoes

3. For cosplay shoes without cylinder, like the one below. You only need to provide gender and foot length. Some sellers may request foot width. Even if they do not require, we suggest you provide it as well to make it fit you better.

 4.The troublesome is high boots, as it is complicated. No worry at all! We believe following photo can make everything easier for you. In order to have such high boots fit you perfect, please provide following measurements.




1. Boots circumference (called thigh circumference as well)

2. Knee circumference

3. Calf circumference

4. Boots height (from feet to thigh)

5. From feet to knee

6. From feet to calf circumference


8.Foot length (or boots size)

9.Foot width

That’s all the tips for foot measurement in customized shoes. Thanks for your reading. In total, please mail us or reply us in time if any problem you have. We sincerely hope you can get perfect customized shoes. If you want information about cosplay costumes, please refer to How to Provide Costumes Size.


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