Big Advantage to Wholesale Shopping- Checking Items Function

Today we will introduce you a new function which will be a big advantage to wholesale shopping in Taobao. When you receive a package from TaobaoRing which filled with dozens of items or even hundreds of them, have you ever had a headache with checking? No worry now, we have developed a new website function- “Checking”. It can help you count a lot of items quickly. No matter 20 items, 30 items, or even 500 items, you can check easily with highly efficiency.

We believe how happy you are at the moment when a package arrived at you in well condition. However, if you buy a large quantity in one time, you may feel a little annoyed, because it is not an easy task to check each from mountains of items one by one.

We can understand your difficult situation completely, because we are shopping agent as well as a Taobao buyer. Each time we receive the items from sellers which we purchase for you, we do feel the same with you. As a result, we attach great importance to this and develop this function for our customers. This is especially helpful for wholesale shopping friends who buy a lot at a time.

Here you will see how it works. When click into one order, you can see there are 3 columns after each item. I think you are already very familiar with the list “Ava/arr”. “Ava” means the item you want is available, while “Arr” means whether the item arrives at TaobaoRing warehouse or not. The new list “Check” is for you to operate.

TaobaoRing wholesale shopping

When you pick up one item from the package you received from us, you can go to the “Check” list to find it and click “Y” button, which means you have checked this one. Once you clicked the “Y” button, you can see the label changes from yellow “N” to green”Y”. In this way it shows very clearly which items have already been checked and which are not.

TaobaoRing wholesale-shopping

Hope this new Checking function will make your taobao order checking process more easy, interesting and efficient.

Enjoy your wholesale shopping with TaobaoRing!

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