How to buy Taobao cosplay with 42agent?

Cosplays on Taobao are much cheaper and more various than any other online sites, so it’s worth to buy from Taobao cosplay store if you are a cos lover. Then how to order a cosplay from Taobao with a Taobao agent? Here we will give order instruction step by step. If you are new to Taobao, it’s lucky that you have come to the right place.

1. Open taobao site (if you come from outside of China, please use and input keywords in the search button as below. If you put a broad keyword like Taobao keywords, probably you will get much mixed information, so we recommend you to use precise keywords, such as love live.

TaobaoRing search

After you click the search button, so many cosplay stores will be shown. Please browse and click the one you like and you will be lead to the exact item page. Check carefully about the cosplay description on that page to see if they are the one you want.

TaobaoRing taobao-item

After clicking into this item page, copy the page URL then use it to place order.

TaobaoRing taobaoitem-page

2. Open TaobaoRing’s site ( or any other taobao agents’ if you already have one. If it’s the first time to use a shopping agent, you need to register first. If not, please login first. Copy the taobao seller’s item page link then paste it to the “Quick Order”.

TaobaoRing quick-order
3. Paste the item link in the “Item link” bar then click “Get it” to continue.

TaobaoRing item-URL
4. Choose all the options with asterisk (*), and write in remark field if you have any special request. If it’s custom sizing, please provide your body measurement, such as height, arm length, shoulder width, chest, waist, hips, wrist circumference, etc. Then click “Add to my cart”.

TaobaoRing taobao-order

5. On the next page, you can add more items with same operation as above. Then still can edit or delete the added items with these buttons below. The “support” button is for you to open a ticket to ask us any question about your order.

TaobaoRing edit-order
6. When all is done, you will see a payment summary at the bottom. Please ignore this as the system may not grasp some discount or correct price for your option.  We still need to confirm with sellers and update any discount for you. Then click “continue” button to proceed.

TaobaoRing order-payment
7. On the next step, make sure you input the correct and detailed shipping address and choose a shipping method.

TaobaoRing shipping-method
On the bottom of this same step, you will see a Memo column and Message column. The memo is for you to take private for yourself and only you can see it. For example, if you also buy other kinds of items from Taobao, you can write memo for this one as “Taobao cosplay”. The message field is for you to leave any information related to this order to us. We will reply you after we confirm your order. Then click the “submit order” button at bottom.

TaobaoRing taobao-cosplay
8. After submitting the order, you will be lead to the “Order List” page. The correct status is “Await confirmation”, which means work on your side has been done. Now it’s time for 42agent members to confirm with Taobao sellers. If the order status is “wait user confirm”, which means the order is not submitted successfully. Then you need to check and submit again until it shows “Await confirmation”.

Now you only need to wait for our invoice email to make first payment, which usually takes less than 24 hours in working days, then move to the next steps.

Since each following step will be with our detailed instruction in email to you, so we will not repeat here as all the work on your side has been explained above. After reading this, hope you already figured out how to order cosplays with a Taobao agent. Actually for other items, it’s the same process and we just take cosplay as an example, as you know Taobao cosplay shopping is so popular at present.

It’s easy to buy a Taobao cosplay with a Taobao agent,  isn’t it? Can’t wait to try? Join us now to start your Taobao Shopping journey today.

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