Taobao Cosplay Wigs Shopping Tips

Do you want to participate in Comic-con with extraordinary Taobao cosplay wigs? Do you want to play ACGN? Besides cosplay costume, cos-prop, and various cos accessory, cosplay wig is also an essential part in cos convention. Compared with other goods, wig is cheaper and easier for packing. As a result, there is no need to worry about damage during international shipping. However, off course, sometimes it is not perfect . So, our dear customers need to pay attention to the following tips when you buy Taobao cosplay wigs.

1. There may be color difference. Some sellers may take photos of their items under bright light, which makes the photo color lighter than real color. Some sellers may beautify pictures with photoshop software to attract more customers. Another reason can come from factory. They may change processing materials sometimes, which will lead to wig color difference. It’s super important to choose a good cosplay wig seller to avoid such problem. Also choose a Taobao agent who can take photos of items, so that you can see the real color before shipping.

2. Trimming service. Many sellers sell wigs in original design as well as trimmed style. If we do not notify them in advance, they will send original design in default. As a result, if you find any Taobao wig page with both original style and trimmed one, and you want the trimmed style, do remark or message us when you place an order.

3. Wig trim service charge. Some sellers will trim wigs for free. However, some will charge a service fee, usually 5yuan. When we encounter this, we will add this fee to wig price and email you, then you can decide if you want it or not.

4. Try to buy different wigs from one seller to save on delivery fee. If you buy several wigs for different characters, such as one from Persona5 , one from Neal machine age, and one from Final Fantasy XIII-2. We suggest you buy from one seller so you pay only one domestic fee, as most of cosplay wig sellers sell wigs in many cartoon characters. Buying wigs from one seller will help you save money.

5. 42agent can help you remove wig paper band to save on international shipping. If you buy a lot of wigs in one shipment, the paper bands outside of the wig can be very heavy. If you want to remove them, you can email or message us when you place the order. We always try our best to help our customers save their cost.

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