What You Need to Know About Chinese Cosplay

At present, more and more people are fond of cosplay, whether from China or overseas. Chinese cosplay has become the mainstream and play a very important role in our life! If you usually do China online shopping, you will know that Taobao is the main platform for cosplay shopping.

TaobaoRing-chinese cosplay

When you are ready to buy them, have you ever had such concerns?

Cosplay usually contains cos-clothing, wig, cos shoes and props, so making a suitable size for cos-clothes will be a big problem, since so many TaoBao sellers can’t read English. It’s hard for them to figure out correctly about your measurements. If a cosplay set include a variety of parts, the seller can easily mix the parts you want and send you wrong ones. The most important thing is that some sellers can’t ship to you directly, or may charge you hidden fees even if they can. All of above issues will cause you very unpleasant and may make you give up buying Chinese cosplay finally.

How lucky that you find us 42agent. We are professional Taobao agent in helping purchase Chinese cosplay. During the past years, we have bought them for hundreds of thousands of customers successfully, even more. We guarantee a good communication between you and Taobao seller to make sure you get a suitable cosplay, no misunderstanding. Besides custom sizing measurements, 42agent also helps confirm with sellers for all your questions. Whenever during order confirmation or purchasing, if we find any problem with your measurements, we will email you to make everything correctly. After we receive the cosplays, we check each part carefully, as well as color and size. When we find sellers send a wrong one or a damaged one, we will  return to change. If some parts are missing, we will ask them to send again. For any color difference, we will ask seller for reason and email you.

The most outstanding feature of our service is that we take photos of your items for free. This means you can check by yourself  before shipping to avoid any misunderstanding. You receive what you see on the photos.

We can imagine how excited you will be at the moment of receiving the awesome cos-items! Can’t wait to try? Welcome to us.

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