Know Clearly about Refund and Debt for Your 42agent Order

When you submit an order with 42agent, do you know clearly how to calculate each refund and debt for Taobao order? Even if we will mark the refund or debt beside the item, some customers may still  feel confused. Since we have received message or email to ask how it’s calculated for several times, we will explain here for all of you.

We think it is necessary to introduce the 3 item status in the order first before we discuss the refund and debt.

You can see that there are 3 status under list of “Ava.”.

TaobaoRing-refund and debt

1.“Yes” means the item is available. This is familiar with everyone.

2.“No” means the item is out of stock . This usually happens when we confirm your order. If one item is out of stock when we confirmed with seller, we will click “No” and your 1st payment will not include cost of this item.

3.“No after paid” means you have paid for this item but it runs out of stock when we purchase it. Some clients may lose their head once see there are “no after paid” items in his order. In fact you do not need to worry at all, as you will not lose any money. At the same time we will write detail refund beside the item, and will also refund service fee for that item. You can see clearly when you click into the order.

We usually towards refund to your 2nd payment instead of refunding to your PayPal directly. In this way you can save some PayPal transaction fee. Of course, you can replace the “no after paid” items with another item or same item from a new seller. You can message or email us the new item link, then we will replace for you if it is available.

Now let’s see how we calculate each refund and debt:

1.No after paid items. We will refund the item cost + service fee + domestic shipping for such items. For example, if one of the “no after paid ”items costs 50cny, and domestic shipping 15cny, then we will refund 50(item cost )+(50+15)*0.08(service fee)+15(domestic shipping)= 70.20 CNY. This refund will be deducted from your international shipping fee.

2.Partial refund from the seller. For example, you suffer one cosplay wig with small defect or color difference, and seller would like to refund 10cny to make up for it. Then we will refund you 10cny, not including other fees.

3.If you purchase many items from one seller, there is one out of stock, then we will only refund that item cost +service fee. In this case, we will not refund domestic shipping, as it has been used to ship the rest items from that Taobao store.

1. Add items after 1st payment. Do you have an experience that you just remember another item need to buy after you pay the order? If for only one item you forget, we think no need to place a new order. We can add it to the current order for you, which helps you save a minimum service fee. In this case, you owe us the cost of this item, and we will add it to the 2nd payment. We calculate like this: item cost + domestic shipping + service fee.

2. Sometimes because of the time difference between our countries, promotion price may have ended when we purchase the order. When we encounter this, we will usually bargain with seller if they can still sell at sale price. If they agree, we will purchase directly. If they refuse, we will email you and you need to pay a  difference fee. It is calculated like this : difference fee*1.08(item cost+ related service fee). We will also add it to the 2nd payment. Anyhow, you can also choose to cancel that item when you receive our email.

Hope now you have an clear idea about how the fees go on in your order after read this blog. 🙂 All fees, refund and debt for your order are clear and transparent. There is no hidden fee with 42agent.  If you want to know more about our fee, please refer service fee here.

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