42agent Acts as the Best Bridge Between You and Taobao Sellers

At present people are increasingly looking for easy ways to do China online shopping, especially Taobao shopping. Why? It’s rich in items categories and competitive in price. However, have problems with Chinese? Sellers can not ship to your country? Can not pay in sellers’ currency? Problems with broken items exchange or return even if sellers ship to your country? Don’t worry, we are here and can help you get rid of all these issues. International shopping is not easy and kinds of problems can happen, so you will know how important to find a good Taobao agent, as they act as bridge between you and sellers!


As a young team, 42agent have the most advanced operating system, it is really stupid easy to use in fact! 🙂 We work from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm (China standard time), and always process your email/message efficiently. During working days, your orders and emails are usually processed within 12 hours. Besides, we offer photo taking service for free, which is not available in most Taobao agents. You can check your items before shipment. That’s so cool, right? We do hope our service can bring you big surprise!

Many people think China online shopping is hard, but we will say it is easy to buy China products from Taobao sellers with us. However, we also encounter variety of order problems. The lucky thing is that will be solved finally under our efforts. We have over 5 years’ Taobao agent service  experience and can handle any problems you have. This is enough to make ourselves proud! We are happy to introduce 2 cases we meet recently and how we solve them.

1.Shipping bill is damaged on the shipping way

We have a regular customer who is from Australia. He told his parcel was missing in his local customs last week, as the sticking bill outside the box was damaged. According to our rich experience, we contacted with our post office instantly and provided a copy of bill to him as well. As expected, he just got his parcel after 2 days finally. He is so thankful and highly recommend us to his friends. We act it as a so valuable experience. ^_^

2.Urgent in getting order

Some customers always tell they are urgent for some orders or part of items. If so, you have come to a right Taobao agent, as we are willing for rush orders. We usually can fork arrived items to a new order and then ship them first. To make our order process more faster, we also ship parcels twice on each Friday, since we are off work on weekend. Anyhow, there is always an accident in life. One of customers told he is very urgent for this order a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, the post man just gone. Under this case, we came to office to ship it the next day (Saturday). Although we do this on Saturday which is not our working time, but we are so happy that our customer can get his parcel in time!

Honestly, the more we help you with your China online shopping, the more experience we gather, and the better service we can provide. No matter wind blows or rains, we are last stand here and serve for you. ^_^^_^

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