Collect your favorite items

Dear friends,

Wonderful news that 42agent now can support you to collect your favorite items together on a special page.

When you buy hundreds of products from every year, have you ever had such trouble? You are very keen on some items, but you can’t remember its name, even not to mention its link. Honestly, it is not an easy thing for you to find your liked items from scattered dozens of orders. Now, there is a perfect solution for this trouble. You can click the ”like it” button from the items list of an exact order page to collect your favorite items.

TaobaoRing Like it buttonFavorite Items

All the “liked items” will be concentrated in favorite items page finally:

TaobaoRing favorite items

Nevertheless, supposing that you click on it by mistake, or you don’t like one item someday that you used to (you know people always change their taste^^), what should we do next? Don’t worry, you can click on it again and then it will disappear from this list.:)

Simple, isn’t it? May you always meet what you like!

Nothing is more wonderful than keeping staying with your beloved items in your life. Enjoy your shopping!


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