TaobaoRing Double 11, 2016

What is 11.11 or Double 11?

Generally speaking, double 11 means the day of November 11th. However, nowadays this day has become a special E-commerce promotion day in China. Many big online shopping markets will have big promotion on this day, such as Taobao, Tmall, Suning, Gome, JD, Dangdang, and so so.

The Double 11 Day promotion begins in year 2009, and becomes more and more popular since then. From November 2011, Alibaba Group began to apply the “11.11” trademark, and finally successfully got it in the end of year 2012. Though the trademark belongs to Alibaba, it can not prevent other companies to enter this sales wave to promote their products.

On this day, most taobao sellers will join this sales activity, and some taobao and tmall sellers may have 50% discount off. Not only Chinese people like to buy from taobao on this day, more and more overseas people become familiar with this promotion and also shop on this day by themselves or through taobao agent service.

The great thing to shop on this day is that you will enjoy big discount on the products. The bad thing is that due to times of sales volume on this day, so the delivery will be much more slower than usual, and this delay can last for one to two weeks. If you find the delivery time is much longer than your orders placed in other time of the year , please be patient and thanks for your kind understanding.


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