How to Provide Foot Measurement for Cos Shoes?

More and more overseas people like to buy Taobao cosplay as well as cos shoes. To get a perfect size, people usually choose to customize their cos shoes. However, if you are not familiar with correct measuring way, it can easily mislead seller to make a wrong size.  As you know that in shoes size, little difference means a lot, so be careful with every detail when you provide foot measurement.

Today we will introduce several measurement tips on cos-boots and cos shoes.

1. For the following kind of flat-heeled boots, you need to provide gender, calf circumference, boots height and the shoes size you want. However, if you are afraid of misunderstanding on the size,  you can put foot length as well.

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Big Advantage to Wholesale Shopping- Checking Items Function

Today we will introduce you a new function which will be a big advantage to wholesale shopping in Taobao. When you receive a package from TaobaoRing which filled with dozens of items or even hundreds of them, have you ever had a headache with checking? No worry now, we have developed a new website function- “Checking”. It can help you count a lot of items quickly. No matter 20 items, 30 items, or even 500 items, you can check easily with highly efficiency. Continue reading “Big Advantage to Wholesale Shopping- Checking Items Function”

How to buy Taobao cosplay with 42agent?

Cosplays on Taobao are much cheaper and more various than any other online sites, so it’s worth to buy from Taobao cosplay store if you are a cos lover. Then how to order a cosplay from Taobao with a Taobao agent? Here we will give order instruction step by step. If you are new to Taobao, it’s lucky that you have come to the right place.

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