ShipForMe Service

ShipForMe Key Steps

By grasping these 3 key elements, you can play around with the ShipForMe service.

1. Warehouse Address

2. Items Links

3. Tracking Numbers

1. Get 42agent's Warehouse Address

When you click the ShipForMe button, you’ll be redirected to the ShipForMe Order page for a unique warehouse address. This address can be copied conveniently when you place an order from a Chinese e-commerce site. Make sure to use this address for the ShipForMe service so that we can receive your package. (Please do not share this address with anyone, and also please do not contact with us via this phone number for any order issue, as it is only for the logistics person or seller to contact us.)

2. Submit Items Links

In order for us to do accurate quality checking of your items, please be sure to submit all item links to your order one by one from the he ShipForMe Order page. This will guarantee that we receive all packages of what you buy.

3. Submit Tracking Numbers

When the sellers send your order, you can get your domestic tracking number from them. Please either submit the tracking number to the item notes or notify us in the order message. If the seller does not ship the item in time, we can help contact with seller for any problem negotiation if you have difficulty in Chinese language.

In order to avoid any international shipping delay, please check your shopping websites from time to time to make sure the sellers send your items in time. Each time we receive a package, we will mark it as received in your ShipForMe order, so if one package is sent by seller for many days but has not been marked, please contact with us soon via order message or email.