Cross-border Direct Shipping fee to USA will Rise in June of year 2020

The previously estimated shipping fee raise to USA because of its quit from UPU has not happened, but will postpone to the end of June in year 2020.

According to the head of the US delegation, Navarro declared: “The United States will start to set its own rate at the end of June next year.” It also means that from June next year, the global postage to the United States will rise.

The industry insiders predict that if the price standard of the multinational mail express service is completely determined by the United States itself, the price will inevitably rise in the short term. Under this circumstance, export enterprises adopting the direct-sending model will be greatly affected, and the demand for sellers in overseas warehouse services will continue to increase.

Especially for Chinese sellers, they have previously enjoyed lower terminal rates. Most of the export sellers often increase sales and market share through price wars, so the postage increase this time will not only increase their operating costs,  but also reduce their competitive advantage. For example, sellers who are selling direct mail products under $5 on Wish may be cleared out, especially those items with a price of $1.99 will suffer severely. For the small and medium-sized sellers who rely heavily on the UPU’s system fees, they may be also unlikely to continue.

On October 14th, the China National Post Office held a news briefing to introduce the relevant decisions made at the third special meeting of the UPU held recently. The General Assembly passed the terminal fee reform integration program V, and the terminal fee of the third group of countries in China will increase by 27% in 2020. It is estimated that by 2025, the export international parcel terminal fee will increase by 164% compared with 2019.

Though the postal shipping fee to USA rising is an unquestioned fact, 42agent will try our best to find alternative solution for you. As one of the most professional and reliable Taobao agents, we always try our best to lower the cost for our customers, no matter service fee or international shipping fee.

Sharp Increase on Postal Cost to the USA due to Withdrawal from UPU

Shipping increase to USA may become true. Cost of postal shipping from China to the United States may increase significantly due to USA plans to withdraw from UPU in the near future (mid-October, 2019). Full title of UPU is the Universal Postal Union (  The affected shipping methods include EMS, eYoubao (less than 2kg), airmail (less than 2kg), Chinese air, SAL, Surface and many other ways.

Postal cost increase to USA
USA withdraw from UPU

How does international shipping fee work?

The cost of international parcels mainly consists of two parts. One is the charges from the sending country, and the other is charges from destination country. For example, costs of an EMS package sent from Beijing, China (where the 42agent warehouse is located) to New York, USA  include: China Post’s cost from Beijing to New York, and the cost of delivering it from New York to the customer’s home.

Why Postal shipping increase if USA withdraw from UPU?

The UPU’s price rules require developed countries (such as the United States) to subsidize packages from developing countries (such as China) to a certain extent. As a result, the United States Postal Service (USPS) pays hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Today, the United States is reluctant to bear such subsidy costs. Therefore, the United States has 2 requests. 1. Withdraw from the UPU and negotiate freight rates with developing countries such as China alone. 2. Stay in the UPU, but the cost will increase significantly.

No matter whether the United States withdraws from UPU, postal parcels from China to United States are expected to be greatly affected. If the postal line shipping cost rises too much, it will also lead to a sharp increase in the quantity of parcels such as DHL and Fedex. Then it eventually leads to commercial express price increases, too.

At present, we have received notice of China Post’s expected price increase. However, the specific price changes are still unknown. It depends on the outcome of negotiations between United States and China and the UPU. If you have recently purchased plans from Taobao, Xianyu (second hand market of Taobao), 1688 or other China online shopping platforms, please be prepared to face the risk of a sharp increase in international shipping costs.

42agent will continue to monitor the progress of the event. We will notify all customers who ship to the United States once we get the exact shipping rate. We can’t control the changes in international shipping costs, we can only strengthen our service quality and continue to be your preferred Taobao purchasing service provider.

42agent team

September 29th, 2019

How to Buy Lolita From Xianyu and Taobao?

As a lolita fans, do you ever buy lolita from Xianyu(闲鱼) and Taobao? As is known that Japan and China are the two countries that export lolita most. If you ever buy lolita from China, then Taobao and Tmall are the most hot online shopping platforms you can not miss. If you come from other countries outside of China, most probably you need a Taobao agent with the purchasing and shipping, such as 42agent.

Why you need a Taobao agent to buy lolita dress from China?

1)Chinese language. Almost all Taobao and Tmall sellers only understand Chinese. So if you do know this language, then it will be a problem in communication and consult.

2)Taobao/Tmall sellers only accept RMB payment on alipay, but you can pay USD/EURO/HKD or other currencies to Taobao agents.

3)Feel tough on time difference in communication with Taobao sellers? No worry at all, 42agent can help you deal with all. Read More

Where to buy Game of Thrones Cosplay

Over 20 million people are excited these days after broadcast of seventh season of Game of Thrones on last Sunday night, and so many people are shopping for Game of Thrones Cosplay products with us these days. What a lucky experience, as most 42agent team members are also loyal fans of Game of Thrones since its first broadcast. You will know we are the best Taobao agent to help buy Game of Thrones cosplay and around products.

As you know, Game of Thrones is acted based on a a series books by George R.R. Martin, and the book is originally known as A Song of Ice and Fire. As a fan of it, you may want to cosplay many roles in it. Even if you are not a fan of it, you must have many fans friends, so getting some Game of Thrones gifts for them as gifts will be also a good idea. Isn’t it?

If you are new to Taobao shopping, you may ask where and how to buy Game of Thrones cosplay products? The answer is definitely Taobao ( We suggest you use Chrome to translate to Taobao English page first if you do not know Chinese. If you use the Chinese version, then you can use the Chinese words “权利的游戏” or “冰与火之歌” to search. There are so many sellers on it, and you can find anything related to Game of Thrones. No matter who you want to cosplay, it can fullfill your request.

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How to Provide Foot Measurement for Cos Shoes?

More and more overseas people like to buy Taobao cosplay as well as cos shoes. To get a perfect size, people usually choose to customize their cos shoes. However, if you are not familiar with correct measuring way, it can easily mislead seller to make a wrong size.  As you know that in shoes size, little difference means a lot, so be careful with every detail when you provide foot measurement.

Today we will introduce several measurement tips on cos-boots and cos shoes.

1. For the following kind of flat-heeled boots, you need to provide gender, calf circumference, boots height and the shoes size you want. However, if you are afraid of misunderstanding on the size,  you can put foot length as well.

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How to Provide Costumes Size?

How to provide costumes size? how do I get suitable size? Could you please translate the size chart for me? These are common questions asked by our customers who buy custom sizing cosplay costumes from China Taobao.

This article will resolve your confusion and help you save time if you usually buy cosplay from Taobao costume store. Now, let’s begin.

General cosplay costumes

Usually, we can get costumes size chart on items web-page for reference, but the problem is that some Taobao sellers put size chart as a picture. As a result, it’s impossible for customers to translate even if they are on Taobao English page. 

Please don’t worry, it will be easier if you can learn and know the following Chinese characters.

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Know Clearly about Refund and Debt for Your 42agent Order

When you submit an order with 42agent, do you know clearly how to calculate each refund and debt for Taobao order? Even if we will mark the refund or debt beside the item, some customers may still  feel confused. Since we have received message or email to ask how it’s calculated for several times, we will explain here for all of you.

We think it is necessary to introduce the 3 item status in the order first before we discuss the refund and debt.

You can see that there are 3 status under list of “Ava.”.

TaobaoRing-refund and debt

1.“Yes” means the item is available. This is familiar with everyone.

2.“No” means the item is out of stock . This usually happens when we confirm your order. If one item is out of stock when we confirmed with seller, we will click “No” and your 1st payment will not include cost of this item.

3.“No after paid” means you have paid for this item but it runs out of stock when we purchase it. Some clients may lose their head once see there are “no after paid” items in his order. In fact you do not need to worry at all, as you will not lose any money. At the same time we will write detail refund beside the item, and will also refund service fee for that item. You can see clearly when you click into the order.

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42agent Acts as the Best Bridge Between You and Taobao Sellers

At present people are increasingly looking for easy ways to do China online shopping, especially Taobao shopping. Why? It’s rich in items categories and competitive in price. However, have problems with Chinese? Sellers can not ship to your country? Can not pay in sellers’ currency? Problems with broken items exchange or return even if sellers ship to your country? Don’t worry, we are here and can help you get rid of all these issues. International shopping is not easy and kinds of problems can happen, so you will know how important to find a good Taobao agent, as they act as bridge between you and sellers!


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Deeply Analysis of Taobao Agent Fee

Did you ever use a Taobao agent for China shopping and are you clear about Taobao agent fee?

It can be confusing for some beginners, but the following picture will help you understand better, as most Taobao agent fee are in this format.


As above picture, our payment includes 2 parts: 1st payment and 2nd payment. Too many cost projects and still not very clear, right?

Well, let’s make a long story short and explain details for you.

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