Some EMS Shipping Delay Cases

We usually say EMS shipping is very fast and reliable, but you know there is a saying in China “the weather is unpredictable”, so there can be any kind of delay during international shipping. It means not everything can be controlled. Recently we have several customers reported that their parcels were delayed, especially Australian customers. They are very upset and  worried the parcels were lost. However, after a series check from the post company, the parcels were delivered finally. So please don’t worry if you meet the same problem, you can just email us. We will open checking request from the post company and keep you update . In order to help you reduce anxieties during the waiting, I will share some parcel delayed cases.

  • Australian EMS parcel used 32 days to deliver in this unpredictable condition

It usually takes 6-8 days for Australian customers to receive their parcels via EMS shipping. However, you can see from the below screenshot that we shipped the parcel on Aug.14th and dispatched from sorting center on Aug.15th. However, there is no information updated at all till Sep.14th. It is almost one month, this customer was very worried. We actively helped to contact with the post company, finally they promise to give compensation once confirmed the parcel is lost. Luckily the parcel arrived at sorting center on Sep. 13th and arranged delivery on Sep. 15th.

  • Australian EMS parcel used 24 days to deliver in this unpredictable condition

This customer usually received his parcels in about 5-7 days. However, this time there is no update since dispatched from sorting center on Aug.25th, almost 2 weeks. It is really unnormal. He doubted that the parcel may be lost. Fortunately, it turned out to be a false alarm.  After checking with the post company, there was delay on Australia post. Finally it arrived at the sorting center on Sep.11th and delivered successfully on Sep.18th.

  • Parcel to USA used 24 days

In the previous blog we said EMS shipping to USA usually is super fast, in most times only takes about 3-7 days. But you know, God is very busy. He doesn’t have the time to care for each package. So, sometimes there will have some parcels delay. Such as the below one, used 24 days to deliver. It only used 4 days to arrive at the sorting center. We don’t know what happened in the local post office, they used almost 20 days to deliver.

I know that this article has nothing to do for dealing with delayed parcels. Just want to share with you to know more about EMS. Most of the time, international shipping is very smooth especially EMS shipping, but such delay also can happen as we have no control once the parcels are handed over to shipping company. As a result, when you meet such problem, please do not worry, as it’s unpredictable and 42agent will open checking claim to shipping company to inspect where the parcels are, and most probably the parcels will be found and delivered successfully. When you have any shipping problem, please feel free to contact us, and 42agent are willing to help all the time. 🙂

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  1. Hey my 2 orders seems to be delayed, do you know for how long time i need to wait?

    Tracking Numbers:LX588497189CN, LX004037448CN


    1. It seems the 2 packages are shipped by EMS, it usually takes about 3-14 days to arrive. Since it has been a long time so I can get tracking information now, I think you have received the packages already?

  2. Hi,
    My parcel going to Taiwan from Philippines is delay.
    Almost 15days.With the tracking number of EE071941276PH.Please help me because I think is not moving.

    Thank you.

    1. Sometimes it takes time to make customs clearance. Since this package has been a long time so I can’t get further information on tracking website, if you still not receive the package yet please open a compensation request with the sender. Next time you can have a try with our 42agent service, we will make sure to let you receive the package safety. 🙂

  3. Hi my package from indonesia was shipped on the 6th of January and now it’s the 31st of January! Would you be able to find out the status of the package! I live in ireland! The tracking no is EE189921371ID

    1. Your parcel took 61 days to deliver, it really a long time than most parcels. This situation seldom happens, in most cases EMS parcel can arrive in about 3-14 days. Anyway, hope all the items you got are in good condition!

  4. I have also bought dated April 2018, Order No 132635526917641656 .
    Till day yet I received all the items.
    I bought total 9 items value USD199.00.

    It is really lost confidence because I left message , no one reply.
    Kindly mail to update status Mobile +60122992000

    1. Hi there, thanks for your message. You mentioned that you did not receive parcel and we are wondering where did you buy the items? as the order number did not belong to our website. Did you buy from a Taobao seller directly or from a Taobao agent? No matter where you bought, you can send the tracking number to us and we will help you track and analyze what the problem is. You can email us at . We are willing to help always.

  5. I have an EMS package held up at JFK in New York can you help?
    Tracking number of package is
    Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your message. What information we can get for this package is that the parcel arrived at New York on 14th Oct., we can’t get further information. We suggest to contact with the sender to open a checking request if you still not receive the package yet. I think it may be lost, as it is more than 2 months now, usually EMS doesn’t use such a long time to deliver.

    1. We checked and found this parcel is not shipped out from our warehouse. We also tracked and found no shipment information on this tracking number, so most probably that the shipper does not ship the parcel. Could you please contact with the store for the reason? If you still have any problem on this, we are willing to help. You can email us at and provide necessary information so that we can help contact with the shipper. 🙂

  6. I sent a document on 21st june 2019 its now the 18th of july and theres been no tracking updates. My second business document also seems to be late and are very important. ED100087835PA AND ED100088209PA. Is it possible to have an update please. Thankyou for assistance

    1. According to our experience both packages still not leave Panama yet. You can try to contact the Panama post, it has some chance the packages have been lost. Hope you can solve the problem soon.

  7. Please my pacrcel was shipped on 16th may 2019 in has been on its way till now from Malaysia to Ghana. EE055645915MY This is the tracking number. I want to know if its missing or what?

    1. This is unnormal to have no update for almost 2 months. It has high possibility the package has been lost. You can apply for compensation from the post company. Please ask for refund asap, because if you didn’t take actions for a long time I’m afraid you can’t get feedback any more.

    1. Sorry for the late, it seems the package has been delivered, have you received it? It took 8 days to arrive, it is still within the normal speed, EMS usually takes about 3-14 days, sometimes fast than you think and sometimes maybe some slow.

  8. Hi. I usually get my parcels delivered from kenya to japan within one week. Its 11days now since dispatch. My contents are for research purposes hence of no commercial value. But late arrival would force me to send other samples of wich i dont have enough time. Pls advice. EE103905290KE

    1. It seems the package still not left Kenya yet, I think it must be delayed during the transits in Kenya. You can try to contact the Kenya post to check whether they sent out this package or not.

  9. its been 2 weeks now since my parcel was shipped out from the UK to Cameroon and I have not yet received it .
    the tracking number is : EE568527947GB
    Can someone tell me whats going on with my shipment ?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, it seems the package has been delivered on 20 Sep, this took 30 days, really long time. Hope everything is fine.

  10. Hi my document was sent from Portugal to Saudi Arabia on 14 the August. Now, it’s been 18 days since dispatched. The document is very important to me. I used the service before so I trusted it again…but now um worried, any suggestions please…my tracking code EE862405373PT

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It seems the package has been delivered on 9th Sep, and it used 26 days, a little slow. Anyway, hope you get the documents safety. 🙂

  11. My very urgent travel documents, birth certificate and even death certificates are being withheld by EMS! This is a very serious issue as no one is supposed to be in possession of official documents anywhere in the world apart from the owner. My tracking number is RA202790148KE

    German officials want to know where the documents are. Please look into the matter urgently, because I will have to sue EMS in Germany otherwise.

    1. Sorry for late reply. The latest tracking information shows the package arrived at the collection point and is waiting for your pick up. Please contact the local post office asap if you still not get the package yet, you may need to go and pick up by yourself. Good luck to you!

  12. ES988318025AU
    this is abnormal 24 days and no update since it left uk
    in all its 31 days im still waiting for delivery do you think the parcel is lost?

    1. contacting Au post they gave me another tracking number from uk transit country, according to the second tracker parcel arrived at destination and was held by my country customs since 22th august …

      1. Do you receive any email or any other information from the customs? Usually if the parcel is held by the customs they will contact the receiver to ask pay tax or provide some documents such as invoice and payment proof to release the package. You can also try to contact them by yourself if the customs doesn’t contact with you yet. Hope you can get the parcel soon. 🙂

    2. 24 days is still within the acceptable range but it must have some delay. However I just checked again and there is still no update, it has some chance the parcel is lost. It seems that you have applied for a checking request, usually it has a result in 20-30 days. You can keep on asking them. If it is finally lost then you can prepare the value proof of the package and ask for compensation. Good luck to you!

    1. Hi friend, it has been more than one month and there is no tracking update at all, it has some chance the parcel is lost. Since it is not sent out from us so our post company is unable to check. Please contact the sender asap to ask him contact the related post office and check for you. For this situation you can ask the sender to open a checking request from the post office, it usually has an result in about 20-30 days. If the result is lost you can ask for compensation for the whole package, if it is only some delay you can ask for partial compensation. Good luck to you!

  13. We often use EMS to US for our packages and the things went well until lately, about last year, since we have big troubles with almost all packages we ship there (US). It seems that even we get through all custom legal procedures in Romania and even we have all papers on the package, including invoices, the packages are hold in US custom for weeks! Our clients pay about 25 Euro for shipping considering is faster than regular one! EMS does not compensate these delays but it should! Since is an express service they should guarantee transit time at least for 10 business days ! Our packages delays about a month usually. What for this money then? Thank you for support.

    1. The average shipping time of EMS is about 3-14 days. If it is too slow that the package still not arrive after one month the you can ask the sender to apply for for some compensation. As our experience, EMS parcels can only be applied for delay compensation if the delivery time is more than one month, otherwise they refuse the apply. If you have parcels slow than one month by EMS you can try to ask for some delay compensation. About the custom tax it is out of control of us, what we can do is to help declare a low value, put an invoice or your payment proof if necessary. Any more questions please feel free to email Thanks.

  14. hello… my package i send last september 19 from Korea to Philippines…still no package arrive there to the sender…the tracking said unsuccessful delivery @ sept. 25th….pls help me… what should i do? it is normal? im very worried already…
    tracking #EB017498845KR

  15. hello… my package i send last september 19 from Korea to Philippines…still no package arrive there to the reciever…the tracking said unsuccessful delivery @ sept. 25th….pls help me… what should i do? it is normal? im very worried already… i always use EMS but this is the 1st time happen.
    tracking #EB017498845KR

    1. We tracked and found this parcel has been delivered on Oct.15th. Usually EMS is very stable but sometimes it can be delayed on the international way.:)

  16. Dear friend,
    Can you help me to check my shipment
    Last time I received the same type of shipment in 7days.
    Now it’s taking more time to arrive.
    Can you see package details?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Yes, usually it only takes 5-7 days for EMS package to arrive. We tracked and found your package was sent from Belgium to Japan. Luckily, it was delivered on Oct.13rd.

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